Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Elegant Visitor

We have an elegant visitor in our home for the summer. Her name is Olivia. Here she is.
This is a lever harp by the maker, Lyon and Healy. It belongs to D2's instructor, but 
she is loaning it to D2 for the summer. She is rapidly outgrowing her harp and we wanted 
to see how this fit. She will be moving up to a pedal harp eventually, and this harp is
strung in a way that feels just like a pedal harp. It's a good transitional instrument, or beautiful
on its own.

Olivia has a wonderful sound. It's referred to as her "voice".

We weren't used to colored levers and there have been a few
comments about how patriotic the harp is. The colors actually 
serve as a bit of a "map" for students.

I am fascinated with these lovely instruments and I wanted to show you what's new for us.


  1. What a beautiful, elegant piece of equipment. That really is lovely x

  2. Did I ever tell you that Hubs is a luthier? I bet y'all don't have to look it up!

    He also has a BFF in CA who plays the harp beautifully! They have such a lovely sound. I would think they are difficult to learn to play--would love to hear your DD play!

  3. Very pretty and I wish I could hear it. I know nothing about harps. It does looks really pretty in your house.

  4. just saw something on the Dallas news last night about how harpists are getting 'hip' with their music. :)

  5. LOVE the sound of a harp being played. So soothing and good for the soul!

  6. "Olivia" is a beautiful piece of art, both visual and aural. I love that the harp is "Olivia." But I think I'm biased because that's also my daughter's name. :)

  7. I am not even remotely musical, but oh how I'd love to play the harp. I'm green with envy that you are homing such a beautiful instrument...Hope your dear daughter and Olivia have a beautiful friendship!

  8. Just beautiful. I just love the sound of a harp!

  9. When Olivia sings, you home must sound like heaven...

  10. In my youth I had a music teacher who played the harp. She would bring her harp to school and play for us. SO BEAUTIFUL! I hope you will make a short video of your daughter playing and post it for us to enjoy!

  11. That is a perfect name for her.

  12. I love the sound of the harp, it is so healing and soothing. It's a beautiful instrument. JB


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