Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Barn Chicks who Blog - Interview with Allison of Apolloson Acres and Giveaway

Today I'm interviewing Allison of Apolloson Acres who writes the blog, The Life of a Novice. You'll enjoy looking around the blog of this orchard farmer, but please take the opportunity to read about her horse's rescue. I teared up as I read the lovely story of a horse finding a forever home despite some challenges.

Many of you have asked about my handsome boy, Wendell. He's back with the draft horses and the king of the almost miniature horses. He's acting like a horse and seems to be doing well. It was probably Lyme, but that doesn't always show up on tests. Thank you to all who have expressed concern. He wants me to let him blog. I said no. He wants to get Skype so he can visit with his friends. I said no. He wants to send a box of chocolates to two people who have commented the most about him, Empty Nester and Texwis. I told him I'd guard the chocolates with my life! ;)

How about that interview now?


1. Tell us about your farm. Our farm is almost 6 acres and has a 120 tree orchard on it. We were looking to purchase a house with property so I could bring my horses home with us. It just so happened this property had an apple orchard on it too! It's dreamy. I love it. When the sun comes up over the orchard it is beautiful. And when the sun sets over the corn field across the street it's just as beautiful! I feel like this property holds so much potential for us and it allows us to be living out so many dreams! Our water on the farm is from a cistern, which means it is rain water that collects in a big 'vault' underground...or when there is a drought and the cistern runs low or empties, we have to have water hauled in.

2. What animals do you have? Currently we have 2 horses, a pony and a mini mule. 2 dogs, 1 indoor cat and technically, 1 barn cat....we refer to her, Savannah, as our Farm Manager and sometimes she let's other strays stop by for dinner!

3. How do the animals get their names? All of our horses came with their names when we adopted them. Apollo has a special story to his, which can be read on my blog, in his story. I named our dog, Wednesday because I LOVE halloween and her full name is actually Wednesday Winifred (witch names!). We call her Whinny (as in a horse whinny!) for short! My husband named our other dog, Mossy -- go figure, he is a hunter. And, when we rescued the mini mule, he inappropriately named her Daisy ;) Our cats came with their names too.

4. You have an orchard. Do either you or our husband have previous orchard experience? Absolutely none! Nada. None whatsoever!!

5. Were either you or your husband raised on a farm? Nope. My husband had an Aunt who had a hobby type farm when he was little. I day dreamed all the time about living on a farm and having horses. My mom said when I was little, I always used to want to be Amish. I say that this is only because Amish live on farms and have horses :) Lord knows I love my flushing toilet!!

6. Do you cook, can, or garden? All of the above. I LOVE cooking & baking...it is an obession. I love to try out new, and in the words of my husband, 'weird' things! I try to cook healthy and from scratch which is where our garden comes in to play. I cannot wait to try making homemade baby food! And I LOVE canning...I guess you kinda have to with an orchard and gardens! Last season I taught my husband how to make/can pickels. We had cucs coming out the wazoo and I was so nauseous 24/7 while prego that I had to sit in the kitchen with a rag over my face while I instructed him! I make a killer Pear Butter too :)

7. Since you grow apples, could you please tell us your favorite apple recipe? I am always up for a good apple crisp, but honestly, we have one tree that produces the most delicious apple I have ever tasted. I can't wait for that tree to harvest every year so I can pull an apple straight from it and eat it up. And I wish I could tell you the apple variety, but we have yet to figure it out. There is nothing better than fresh fruit right off the tree in the orchard!

8. The story about your horse, Apollo, brought tears to my eyes. Which one of you has learned more since your "worst nightmare" has become a good dream? Ohhh good question. I would say we both learned what is most important in a relationship...trust and faith. We had to have faith in each other so we could learn to trust each other. Both of us placing trust in each other was so huge. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I have no doubt Apollo had more than a rough past. It took all he had to learn to place his trust in me. And there is no doubt my confidence was more than badly bruised after our accident(s) so it took a lot of trust on my end as well getting back into the saddle with him. But, overall, the bond this all allowed us to create is priceless. I will be lucky to ever experience it again. I only wish everyone could know what it feels like. The world would be a more peaceful place!!

9. What does it mean to you to raise your little one in the country? Everything! My husband and I both grew up wanting to live on a farms. We want him to experience all the wonderful things the country has to offer; farming, animals and of course, things like fishing and four-wheeling ;) There is no doubt he'll probably rebel against us at some point, but that is ok! He needs to experience 'city life' too. I just can't wait to watch him at our county fair one day showing his animals...if that is what he wants to do of couse ;)
10. Tell us how you got your farm name. Apolloson Acres is named after Apollo & me! My nickname for Apollo is 'apolloson'...it just kinda rolls off the tounge when I say it...and also just so happens to be his name with the second half of mine :) And I thought 'Apolloson Acres' had a nice ring to it. There is so much meaning there for me. Beyond the obvious with Apollo, I always dreamed I'd some day live on a farm and have horses. Now I do, so it was only fitting it be named after my first horse and me! Hubby always wants to know where his name fits in...since his name is 'Allen', I tell him the 'A' is for him!

11. What made you start blogging? People kept telling me how crazy and funny my stories were and loved to hear me tell them. And I love to write. And I was bored at work -- just kidding! But seriously...stories and a love for writing is what started it all. I only hope those who don't know me personally can translate my emotions in my writing -- funny, sad, sarcastic, serious etc etc
12. What's in the future for your farm? Lots! We'd love to eventually get to the point where the farm could be hubby's full time job...but the thought of that big step makes me hyperventilate since we have bills to pay regardless of how mother nature feels, so.....  We are going to add chickens next year for eggs. We tried for this year, but there is just too much going on with a newborn right now. In 2 years or so, we'd like to add goats and I am thinking possibly dairy goats. We'd like our orchard to become more profitable and we'll continue to add trees to it; possibly some plum trees or more pear trees as well. We'd like to get a decent veggie production going to where we might be able to offer some CSA shares and also set up a 'roadside shed' out at the end of our drive. And, my most magical dream is to offer equine educational programs for children and adults and possibly some equine therapy programs as well.

Thank you for sharing your farm life with us, Allison. I wish you were closer and I could drop by and get my usual 6-8 bushels of apples. I wish you and your husband all the best with your orchard. Give Apollo an apple for me, please!

Did I mention that I was having a little giveaway? I'm giving away my copy of the Dean Brothers Cookbook and a set of Paula Dean measuring spoons. 

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  1. great interview, patrice. an apple orchard sounds wonderful! i hope all their dreams continue to come true...

    and wendell! hurray!!!!! that sweet and handsome fella is back to good health! i'll trade my box of chocolates for a bag of carrots to be shared among all the equines at your place to celebrate Wendell's success!!! :)

  2. I'm IN on the giveaway- but I want to WIN this time! LOL

    Tell Wendell that I am speaking to you about being so mean to him by not letting him do anything-geez. :)
    Also tell him that Tuck and I are doing the dance of joy at his recovery!

    Those apples sure do look good, don't they? Now I have to find something to do with apples---

  3. I voted for you on Picket Fences!

  4. I am already a member of your blogfrog community!

  5. I already like Everyday Ruralty on fb

  6. I love this blog! What a great interview. I will have to read the Apollo story, I am also a new follower.

  7. Loved getting to know Allison. going over to read about Apollo.

    Already following!

  8. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

  9. Great interview. Can't wait to head over to her blog.

    Voted for you on fences.

    I follow you as CB.

    I enjoy stopping by pretty much everyday. Thanks for the good reads.

  10. Great interview. I'm a follower!

  11. Loved your post.
    Stopping by from the hop to say hello.
    Have a great day!

  12. That was a great article. It's amazing to find farmers/ranchers out there that blog since I am one. I felt a little lost but now I'm better! =)

  13. I am a GFC follower Kassandra @ Coffee and their Kisses


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