Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where's Wendell?

     Where's Wendell? Is that like "Where's Waldo"? Wendell has been spending much of his time on a grassy hill. He is probably still a bit stiff, so he lays around most of the day. He basks in the sun and rolls down the hill, leaving a large track in the grass. Strange behavior for a horse, but he seems to enjoy it.

     He's tired of his draft horse buddies, so he found a private spot under some trees.

     He has a new friend who is a young calf named Brie. She likes to sneak up on him, while he's sun bathing, to see how close she can get. When Wendell looks at her she "high tails" it back to momma. Wen doesn't spend too much time with his friend when the entire herd is nearby. Maybe momma disapproves of that ugly blonde cow!

Brie is in the center of the photo, with her momma just in front of her. Momma's horns look a bit intimidating. Maybe that's why Wendell went to his shady spot in the buttercups.

*** The long and short of it: Wendell is not well, but he's not any sicker. He has good days and not quite as good days. If the vet is right and it's Lyme, it will take a while to get him well. This is much better than those scary nights with emergency vet calls (costs less too).


  1. Hi Patrice,
    I'm pleased that Wendell is well enough to be outside enjoying a laze. I do hope the vet is right about Lyme, as you know he'll improve. Brie looks a cutie :o)
    Have a great weekend, and enjoy Mothers Day.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Awww, Brie is so cute!

    I'm glad Wendell is feeling up to hanging out (seemingly comfortable). I'm glad he hasn't gotten any worse, and I hope the vet figures out what's going on so Wendell can get back to bein 100%.

  3. Patrice, I m sorry that poor Wendell is sick with Lyme disease. I hope that he get well. Having a sick animal is so stressful, I know since I live on a dairy farm and I look after the calves.

    When one of my calves get dangerously sick which happens but rarely, I pray to St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals for help.

    Best of luck to Wendall and Happy Mother's day to you. JB

  4. Oh poor Wendelle - but if you say he can get better, then that is a good thing. I just love the pics of your farm/area. Very peaceful.

  5. I actually had Lyme Disease back in the 80's while living in Connecticut. If a horse gets the same symptoms, it's no wonder he was down for the count. Lyme hurts. Bad.

  6. Keep making new friends and feeling better Wendell!

  7. i'm glad he's still moseying around. like you said, much better than that first very scary night!

  8. im sorry to hear wendell is not well. i hate when our animals are sick. wishing him a speedy recovery. im a new follower!

  9. Sending Wendall get well wishes.

  10. So happy Wendell is able to enjoy these spring days. As best he can.

    Hugs to you, Momma! :)

  11. I love that Wen rolls down the hill! That makes me think that his spirits are high and will be a main ingredient in getting him back to healthy status! I am still thinking of that beauty daily and continue to stalk your blog for updates!

    Love the photos!

  12. Thank you for the update on Wendell. I will continue to pray that he gets well. You gotta love his spirit and determination!


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