Monday, May 9, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Hello, friends! I hope you all had a good weekend. Here is a little bit of random for the week.

Yard Sales
I used to be a real fanatic for yard sales. I could barely drive down the road without pulling over to "shop". I think it was something in the old mini-van I owned. I enjoyed taking the girls out on Saturday morning and buying some fun things for pennies on the dollar. It became an excellent tool to teach them about money and spending. It was a wonderful way for me to get children's clothing in good condition too. We opened part of our business on the farm on Saturday mornings, so leaving the farm wasn't possible. Then gas prices rose.
I went to a yard sale this past weekend and had a wonderful time. It was in the front yard of a quaint little church and there were at least a dozen vendors. I was just returning from taking the oldest to take her SAT and I saw signs along the road. I enjoyed it and saw so many good things that I went home and got the other three girls. I found awesome, like-new clothes which is a great thing when you have three teens who love buying clothes. I got $80 worth of tops for $3. Pretty cool!

Our family loves just about any kind of berries. I was fortunate to be able to get a lot of strawberries from a local grower (who doesn't spray). We brought them home and made a couple batches of jam. It's hard to get the jam to my canning shelves because everyone want to eat it right away!

I have not seen them yet, but C.S.Farmer tells me that there are two funny, awkward, cute baby vultures in our barn. He says they're brown and are at the best stage of their lives regarding their looks. He said their looks go downhill from this point on. Don't worry vultures- it happens to us all! I'll put up some photos when I get them. If I get them! Mom and dad are fiercely guarding "Carny and Roadie" (Carnivore and Road Kill Lover). The parents throw a royal hissy fit when you get near. They hid them under a piece of furniture we stored on the side deck of our barn.

Bad Cows- Not Mad Cows
Our family spent the entire weekend chasing cows out of the garden. The four to five acre garden that pays our bills. Any guesses what C.S.Farmer is doing today? Not extracting beef from them! Silly! He's fencing a new pasture so they don't continue to think "the grass is always greener".

Mr. Famous Horse
Wendell is still the same,but he sends his horsey kisses to all of his friends. !!!


  1. Maybe you could get close to the baby vultures by dressing up as a dead racoon or rabbit? Just a though. ;)

  2. I so hope you can get vulture baby pics!
    I think I would have had a LOT of pre-seasoned beef on my hands if those were my cows ;)

  3. ha ha! laughing at Nancy's suggestion and the ensuing visual...

    i hope at least those were YOUR cattle invading your garden and not your neighbors'!

    wendell, please hang in there and get better! you're so young and handsome and we love you!

    (loved the comment on the fading looks...)

  4. I need to see the baby vultures! Ha!

    very sweet blog!
    xoxo-Hannah @ a lovely mess!

    stop by and say hi!

  5. Mmm, that strawberry jam looks wonderful. I'm still waiting for them to come a little more in season before I try my had at jam-making. I want them nice and juicy, and so far they've been a bit dry.

    Glad to hear Wendell's at least no worse! Poor guy.

  6. Sounds like a nice weekend, well except for the cows in the garden.
    Strawberry jam is next on my list of things to do.
    Same thing happens here, everyone wants to eat it.
    Well, not to mention I bring in Strawberries they meet me at the door and I never have any left unless I hide them. :)
    Have a good week.

  7. If I make the scones, will you bring the jam???!

    I had to laugh at Nancy's comment too... very funny images comes to mind.

    Poor Wendell...hang on in there, boy.

    Oh, and these cows are really lucky they're not scrumptious beef already... I'm guessing they might be if they were here!

    Can I link up to this MM...?
    Anne x

  8. It's true! Wendell has become famous! I just wish it was for something other than being sick...poor baby!

    Once the cows get a taste of those veggies, will they try to come back anyway?

    Yard sales are FUN! Can't beat the deals!

  9. It's funny how cows always think that the grass is greener on the other side.

    I hope that you can give us some pictures of the baby vultures and I hope that Wendell gets well soon.

    I used to make a lot of strawberry jam with berries from my own garden. I don't make any anymore but it sure was good, also I used to make wild strawberry jam and that was even better. JB


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