Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's like watching a bathroom scale!

I was cheering a bit yesterday when a new follower, Julia, made my follower number hit 400. In blogging, you can't get obsessed with the numbers, but it's nice to have some indicator that tells you how you're doing. Less than 24 hours later I find the number is 398. I have noticed this roller coaster phenomenon since I started blogging last June. I highly admire bloggers who don't show their followers but I feel a sense of belonging when I join a blog and see my picture of horses in their list. I'm sure many of you have followed a blog because they have a great giveaway. I have done that too many times. A few days ago I cleaned out my list of blogs that I follow. I first weeded out those who haven't posted for a month or more. I then cut out some of the giveaway blogs that I don't really read often. I also accidentally hit the little button and made a blog go "POOF!" I wonder if I cut someone who reads me. Yikes! I would never intentionally weed out a blog if I knew the person visited my blog. Hear this: If you are a faithful reader and the avatar of my precious draft horses, Rocky and Ricky, disappears from your follower box, contact me. Chase those darn horses! I have only slashed two blogs because I found their content inappropriate. I like the online community that is formed with bloggers and their followers, and that can be so special that numbers can't reflect the good things that come with it. Good things like words of encouragement when a pet is sick, buddies when you need to lose a few pounds, and someone to pray for you when you have something going on in your life that needs prayer. 
There are visitors, readers, followers, and friends in blog world. I welcome any and all of them here on my little farm blog.

What do the flowers above have to do with this post? Not a darn thing, but they are pretty!



  1. I like GFC -- it shows new followers. Otherwise, I'd have no idea who was out there (possibly) reading my blog. I like to visit new followers and comment on their blog, just to say hello.

    Congrats on reaching 400 followers. That's great! :)

  2. I'm not surprised you've reached 400. I love visiting, and - though my kids reckon I'm weird in many ways! - I'm sure others love to visit you just like I do!

    Anyway - how's Wendell. I was thinking so much of y'all over the past couple of days, cos Jackson, our puppy, is really ill. It's been awful... took him to the vet yesterday morning, and he's been on an IV drip and antibiotics since. Hopefully, he'll make a full recovery, but it was so *awful# seeing him so ill :(

    If all goes well, I'll post on my blog, but I was too upset to yesterday to speak of it :(

    Love, anne x

  3. I know we shouldn't get obsessed with the numbers game but when I started to creep towards 100 I admit I got excited. Congrats on 400 (or even 398 is a huge accomplishment)
    I find lots of great new interesting blogs through my new followers.

  4. i have to clean out my blog following list every now and again because I spend TOO MUCH TIME visiting each and every post and commenting on almost 90% of them. Even tho I have the luxury of time right now, I have other things to do besides sit in front of my pc. However, I always feel guilty in cutting some free and i always hope they are not hurt when they see their numbers drop... :(

  5. It is like playing Mother May I watching that counter and then when someone goes away it is such a blow.
    I work so hard and not letting it get me but when I hit 100 followers I do admit to doing a happy dance.
    I only weed out my blogs when someone doesn't ever update. I have had some bloggers I quit following just because of the pictures that made me sick first thing in the morning.
    I can't do blood before breakfast.
    Most of the time though I consider this blogging a gift and a privileged. but like anything it needs to be held loosely.

  6. Hey, just so you know, I just looked at mine and I am down to 99 again. :)

  7. I just happened upon you while checking out a new follower to my blogs list of blogs they read ;)

  8. Hahaha...oh too funny. I was thinking about the scale thing too. I cannot let that affect me though- and sadly it sometimes does. Especially when I dropped 5 in one week...(no- NOT pounds- followers);))))
    I want to take my number down so I don't let it control me....but yet.....
    I so hear you!

  9. I do not see you on mine any more. Hope you will follow back. And mine does that wierd up and down thing to. I lose one or two and 5 minutes later it is back to normal.

  10. Well, It IS spring, and you ARE supposed to do some cleaning. ;-) Congrats on 400. You are right; this is not about the numbers, but it does draw your eyes over to see if there are any changes. LOVE your blog!

  11. Patrice,congratulations on reaching 400 followers. I's a coincidence that I was Farm Girl's 100th follower and your 400th follower. It looks like I like round numbers...

    I don't follow too many blogs because of lack of time but I do enjoy my regular followers. JB

  12. There's a reason you have 400 followers Patrice - It's 'cause it's a great blog!

    (By the way, I'm glad you like bluebells too. I have to honest though I didn't walk the 4 miles to the next village - I was in the car. I'm keen,but not THAT keen! LOL)

  13. 400! That's great! I know what you mean about watching the numbers go up (or down)! I'm a new blogger and I get SO excited every time I have a new follower! I also agree with you about the online community of bloggers. There's nothing like knowing that people you don't personally know are praying for you when needed and offer words of encouragement!

  14. You will never be able to get rid of me girl! LOL

  15. I have 3 blogs so I'm not sure if you follow all 3 or not...but I don't even care....I just love it when you comment at Wise Old Owl!!! HOPE you have a great Mother's Day weekend!!! ;-)


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