Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hop- hop-hop!

     The other day, at work, I had visitors. There were two rabbits near the grassy area where I park my car. I spotted one running wildly around the base of the driveway. When it ran towards a bush I discovered a second bunny. That wouldn't be unusual, but when I went out to put something in my car they ran up to the car and watched. I spoke to them and they just sat there looking at me. They only ran when I got out my camera and the automatic thing on my lens made a small buzzing sound. I went back in the house and assumed they wouldn't be there when I left work for the day. Wrong. When I walked out to my car they joined me. I thought the one was going to ask for the keys so he could drive! That would have been fine with me since I was tired, but the stop at the produce section of the grocery store might have made my day a bit too long.

I wonder if they'll be there my next work day.

Speaking of bunnies- hop- hop- hop!
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  1. they're such cuties! (and hurray for blogger cooperating - at least partially - and bringing back our followers... still won't let me comment if i try to 'stay signed in' but hey, baby steps... or bunny hops...)

  2. Wendell must have told the bunnies that you have carrots! LOL

  3. Bunnies and bunny toes. I followed you from the weekend blog hop.
    Bea Jay
    Whole Radish

  4. What is it about wild bunnies that makes them so magical? I always find them to be such a treat. Love your pics. I'm your newest follower from the Weekend Blog Hop! Would love it if you'd swing by my blog when you get a chance! :)

  5. Oh i am jealous of your hatching and chicks! Love it! Love the bunnies too :) Just find your blog, i am following you!
    Happy Memorial week end! I would love a follow back and a hi!

  6. I'd give them bunnys a run for there money ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  7. Every now and then I will see bunnies hopping around our subdivision. Always makes me smile!

  8. Bunnies are so clever. They freeze and my dog runs right by. Maybe she needs glasses or a "nose." :)


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