Saturday, May 7, 2011

Farm Photo Blog Hop

Pretty is as pretty does!

      Blossom's mother should have taught her that you're never very pretty if you don't act pretty. A few years ago, we purchased her as our family milk cow. She was pleasant enough when she got home, but I think she'd been given something to calm her down at the auction. IT WORE OFF! As the old saying goes, "Katie bar the door". In practically no time this lovely bovine turned into something from the movie 'The Exorcist'. For some problems you call a vet, for others you call a priest! You  can read more about milk cows on our farm here. 

     I'm linking this with Farmchick since she's having a Farm Photo link up. Thanks Farmchick!


  1. We had milk cows just like that. She has a nice face and I do love milk cows but sometimes they are just like that. It is a very nice picture.
    Have a lovely Mothers Day my friend.

  2. Time to have your water trough blessed by a priest? ;)
    She's a beauty, but that gets overshadowed when they are Exorcist cows!
    Glad to read in your last post that Wen hasn't needed more late night vet visits.

  3. Well, I love your photo, but I know nothing about exorcist cows!

  4. She does have a bit of a wild look to her eye.
    Happy Mother's Day

  5. I'm sure you've read enough about my cow experiences to know that I'm totally with you on that! The nice thing is that our cows are destined for someone's gril,s o their bad attitude is somewhat "short-lived"! ;-) Try giving her some Kahlua! that goes well with milk! ;-)

    Happy Mother's Day to you my friend!

  6. Another reason I have hesitated to add a cow to the yard?

  7. I adore cows, but I don't adore the poo. My Dad had 13 head the entire time I was living at home.

    Alana @


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