Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Chicks and "Chicks Who Can" Giveaway

     D3 has the incubator going again. So far there are 20 baby chicks . Others still in the shell must be listening to some great music, because the shells are rocking back and forth like crazy! My industrious daughter has been renovating an old log hen house that we have. It will be the new home for these chicks. She had to make it safe so no predators would get in. Then she had to wipe out two yellow jackets that were setting up home there. She used my hairspray method! I learned many years ago that wasps have very unruly hair and need to be sprayed liberally with hairspray. If you get them fast, they cannot fly and when the spray hardens, they are easy to get rid of. Besides, no unruly hair for insects! It works for flies too, but there are usually too many of them and it makes a sticky mess. Mr. Mims, kitty extraordinare, is quite good at getting rid of flies. My brave hunter!

     Here are the new baby chicks-
Newly hatched babies

An egg that had loud chirping sounds coming from inside

Sorry it's out of focus, but he's so cute I had to post it!

"Chicks who Can "
     I'm a farmer's wife and I am a hands-on, do it myself kind of person. I embraced just about everything regarding day to day farm life. Canning is a big activity every summer and early fall. I was so happy to find a Ball Blue Book at the store yesterday that I bought myself a new one. My other one is pathetic. It hides between the other cookbooks because it's ashamed of how ragged it's gotten. The new one is so colorful and full of great canning, freeezing and dehydrating ideas. I picked up an extra one for one of my followers. Let me show you the book and then I'll tell you how to enter my giveaway. Really easy, folks.

This cover made me hungry. I'm seriously in the mood for some fresh peaches!

Step by step instructions on the basics.

As they sang in the play 'Oliver'- "Food glorious food..."

How to enter:
1. This is for followers. If you already follow, just leave a comment. If you want to follow, welcome! Please leave a comment. Please leave an e-mail with your comment in case you win.
2. Extra entry- vote for me on Picket Fences on my sidebar. (One each day during giveaway) You must tell me you've done this in a comment.
3. Extra entry- like Everyday Ruralty on Facebook- on my sidebar. Leave a comment.
4. Extra entry- Join my Blog Frog Community- also on my sidebar. Yes- you need to tell me this in a comment too!

This is open to anyone- anywhere. It will be open until Friday, June 3rd (one week).



  1. Me! Me! Me! I'm jumping up and down yelling!!! I want to win! We're going to have so much coming out of the garden and I could really put this to good use! ME!!!

    The chicks are so dang cute!

    Did I mention that I want to be entered in the giveaway? LOL

  2. I can't believe I hadn't already 'Liked' you on fb. I do now!

  3. I voted for you on Picket Fences!

  4. Your chicks are so cute. We had some hatchers this week as well!

    Would love to win a book on canning - it would be well used IF our garden grows!

  5. The chicks are adorable and I'm going to have to try the hairspray method. My insects of the most god-awful unruly hair.

    I have voted and liked you on FB.

  6. Well I will enter as I have been looking for that book at all of my stomping grounds but I know there are others who maybe need it more than me. Mine is all ratty and tore up too.
    Mine is filled with all kinds of canning recipes that the people have gone on to heaven so I think mine is pretty valuable.
    I love the chicks. So perfect.

  7. The chicks are so sweet!! Good for your daughter!

    And thanks so much for sharing the story of your daughter and her Haffie with very precious.
    happy day!

  8. Oh Thank you for having this give away. I am new to canning and I would love to have this book to learn everything.

    Thank you so much

  9. I follow via GFC

    I love the little chickies!!


  10. I follow you!

  11. I'm a follower...! Off to Like you on FB now, and to do the Picket Fence vote.... yep, gonna try it all for this Giveaway ;)
    (Having said all that, I do understand if you don't want to post to Scotland) x

  12. I dont do the google follow, can I be entered for being an email subscriber?


  13. I like you on facebook.

  14. following you through gfc
    erin.sidmore@gmail dot com

  15. voted for you on picket fences
    erin.sidmore@gmail dot com

  16. joined your blog from community
    erin.sidmore@gmail dot com


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