Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who needs a horse when you have a cow?

     A friend sent this to me and I wanted to share it with you. Thankfully, C.S.Farmer didn't see it before we got our horses. My poor daughter would be in the round pen having her riding lesson on something other than our beautiful mare, Molly!

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  1. I seen this the other day,thought it was quite cute!

  2. it's pretty inventive of the teen. i'm glad you have horses... :)

  3. Hi Patrice!
    this is so funny... what a determined young lady she is...I believe if there would have been a cow with in my reach I too would have ridden it instead of waiting for my dream horse... I'm 49 and it's on my list!
    Thanks for your note today! I'm your newest follower
    Dandelion House Deb

  4. That jumping cow is just something else! Too funny. I've never seen anyone ride a cow before.

    So glad you're doing a giveaway on the horse books!

  5. haha yeah i saw this at the news yesterday! And i Holland we had a girl do the same thing. pretty funny but i like to stick to cows milking and horse riding!


  6. Animals.....they are so amazing...............

    And.....we get our animal lovin' where we can! ;)


  7. Oh my goodness I need to show this to my niece. Lookout brother, horse and lamas will not be enough for my niece when she sees this!

  8. LOVE the cow...they are dear animals.

    Your captions are hilarious!

    (How big is Wendall? He's the Haflinger, right?)

    happy day!

  9. Nope- George Morris would have a fit - poor jumping form and she drags a leg which in turn could catch a rail and flip them over... I say she should try a black Angus next time, better knee action...:D

    thanks for sharing lol!

  10. I don't think my ox would move. He'd just sit there. Cute post.

  11. Marcia- Wendell is a Haffy. He's 1/2 Belgian though. While he's not very tall, he has a huge barrel. The horse in this post is Molly. She's Standardbred, Belgian, Morgan X. She's a very large horse with a gate that reminds me of a Walking Horse. Fast- is she ever fast!!


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