Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on Wendell


 This afternoon I was told that Wendell was down. I went out to the pasture and found him lying there,  but alert. D1 and C.S.Farmer were there too. D3 was riding Molly up and down the barn road. She had seen him go down when one of the Percherons was picking on him. Apparently he tried to run away and the exertion was too much for him. We were able to get the vet out rather quickly. We tried to get Wen to his feet to be examined, but he would not cooperate. We tried to push him into a reclining position and, being the feisty horse that he is, he stood up. Doc tubed him with Epsom salts and lots of water. He checked internally and believes that he is getting over the colic-no more twist.

     Wen's heart rate is two and a half times normal and he is extremely stiff in all four legs, favoring one leg. I asked the vet if it could possibly be Lyme, since I'm all too familiar with that. The vet is doing blood work and left an antibiotic. He said there is no sign of laminitis or founder, so he can stay out on grass. I think we saw the stiffness and mistook it for laminitis. I'm anxious to know what the blood work reveals.

     As the vet was writing out the bill (two bills in less than 24 hours-fun), Wen walked over to  his truck and started admiring himself in the side window. When nobody was paying attention to him he began to chew on the side mirror. This is not the behavior of a dying horse. I pray he stays strong and fights whatever this is.

     I want to thank everyone who commented and all of those who prayed. Your thoughts and wishes have really helped me through this. I told one of the girls that I wanted to  take my laptop out and show Wen the comments, but chances are he'd  only want to look at pictures of himself! :)

Thanks for caring.



  1. Hi Patrice
    Good to hear he's doing better!

    In Holland, with those kind of horses you sometimes would run into what was called "monday's disease" It happens when horses are trained (have some action going on) and in the weekend they stand still (don't get no extersise) but get fed the same. This would lead to "verzuring" in the mussles, don't know how to describe it in English but it is like there is too much sugar in the mussles and they can't turn it into engergy, and so they get stiff in their hind quarters or on all fours. Best way to fix this is time and a low, low diet of grass hay and just a little bit of grain once a day...

    i thought i tell you because maybe the bloodwork will show just that after reading your description on what he had...

    Thanks! and i'm so happy for you that he's doing better!

  2. Wendell has every reason to admire himself -- he is so handsome. :)

    I'm hoping this was a sign, Patrice, that he's feeling a little better and perhaps, with the vet's help, can overcome whatever this thing is.

    We're all routing for Wendell to make a speedy recovery. :)

  3. Oh that Wendell! He is such a character! I am sending him hugs and get well wishes! I have to tell you, I shed some tears for him myself. Please keep us updated! Tucker sends love too!

  4. Is that a recent picture of him out in the pasture? He looks wonderful if he is, I have been checking all day to see if you had updated, so glad you finally did. My daughter emailed me quite upset over Wendall this morning. I hope he continues to get better.

  5. I'm so pleased Wendell is on the mend:o) Give him a hug from me.

  6. Sorry I'm just now seeing that your precious horse is having troubles. HOPE that he recovers soon!!

  7. Oh, that makes me SO happy to hear the good news! I will continue to pray for that beautiful horse! (and for you guys too!)

  8. I do hope Wendell continues to improve. He has all of us rooting for him.

  9. oh, keeping fingers, paws and hooves crossed here! have been sending good thoughts to you and Wendall all afternoon. i pray you will have a much better night tonight!

    i really am curious what the bloodwork will tell you.

  10. Oh, Wendell... love the update and that he checked his look in the mirror (and then tried to eat it!). Still praying! -Tammy

  11. it is such a relief and very heart-lifting to hear Wen is doing a bit better. Whatever the blood work shows... I hope it is something VERY treatable!!! I just want to give him a big hug around the neck.

    Admiring himself? That made me giggle!

  12. I hope that Wen continues to improve and that his blood work will give some indication on what is going on.

  13. Glad to hear he's acting better and we'll be praying for Wendell and your family. We are still suffering the loss of our beloved Fjord gelding, Mo. His spleen swelled and actually ruptured and we had to make the descision to put him down late last summer. We miss him something awful and nobody desires another horse, contrary to everyone elses insistance on getting another horse. We're just NOT ready.

    Take care and let us know how he is doing and what the tests reveal.
    Blessings for your day.

  14. I hope that Wendell will be perky as ever very soon. I'm sorry that he's been sick. You're all in my prayers.


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