Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Strange Visitor

It's not unusual to find all sorts of animals besides ours on the farm. We never knew how many predators there were for chickens, until we got chickens. We were visited by foxes, raccoons,possum, skunks, owls, bald eagles and even an osprey. There are so many deer here and they're convinced no reservation is necessary to dine. We had someone stop by the farm from the State to confirm a deer hunting permit we have. A group of thirty deer ran in front of C.S.Farmer's truck when he was taking the man on a tour. "Go ahead and give me the permit form and I'll sign it right now," said the official, shaking his head.

We noticed something unusual in the horse barn.

An American Black Vulture

Mrs. Vulture has been living in our barn for a few weeks. Mr. Vulture Flies in and they take shifts watching their nest. They don't seem to want us to peek at what they have in their nest, but C.S. Farmer's tractor makes enough noise that Mrs. V flies into the rafters of the barn until he's gone. Then we get to peek.

Sorry this is out of focus.
 Mrs. Vulture was hissing at me and throwing a royal tantrum.

They make their nest out of whatever they can find on the ground. Mom and Dad shared sitting on the nest. According to the Carolina Raptor Center, the incubation time is 37-41 days. It takes 14 weeks before Junior 1 and 2 will be ready to leave the nest. I hope Mrs. Vulture will learn to calm down in the meantime! She can save all of her hissing for the wild things that visit the barn at night.

WENDELL UPDATE: Wen had a good night. He's spending more time reclining than I'd like to see, but he clearly has some pain in his legs. He'd spent the night in one place according to C.S. Farmer, but I found him somewhere else when I went out 2-3 hours later ( had to get my 7 hours). There are signs that he walked around the pasture a bit. He tried to spit out most of his antibiotic pills, but ended up taking them by force. His braids don't look as nice as the other night, but he's never been a slave to fashion! He is bright and alert, but I can still see his increased respiration and his heart is still going way too fast. I know the blood work will probably take a while, so we just have to keep caring for him on the suspicion of Lyme. Thankfully the colic is over. 

I'm so thankful that I have so many wonderful friends through this blog. Wendell received over 25 comments and wishes for wellness. You guys are awesome! I wish I could hug each and every one of you who expressed concern or prayed for us. Wendell would love to give you a horsey slobber!

Welcome to my new followers. I'm so happy you have chosen to follow my blog. Every post won't be about my sick horse, but it has been a big, emotional event for me. I really thought we'd lost him the other night. Again- thanks for being here!


  1. So glad to hear Wendall seems ok,vultures nesting in your barn! My goodness, more exciting than the usual pigeons I guess?

  2. I so hope that Wendall continues to improve....I know all to well how emotionally stressfull it is to have an animal not feeling well....especially when your trying and doing everything you can for them, you want results now and to see them back to themselves.

  3. What an interesting border! Not sure I would be ecstatic about them, but then what do you do besides the obvious.

    Glad to hear some Good News about Wendell. Hoping that it continues to get better. Hugs to you!

  4. Let's keep that good news about Wendell coming!

  5. So glad he is so much better. That is really interesting that you have so much wild life on your farm. The vultures sound incredible. I am amazed you were brave enough to get a picture of the eggs, I don't know if I would have been. I would like to hear how they hiss.
    Yeah, I liked all of the wild animals a whole lot more until I got chickens. Now I am not so much. I haven't ever shot any but the thought does cross my mind.

  6. Hurray Wendell! Keep getting better, sweet boy!!!

    Oh, the baby vultures are going to be interesting to watch eat, grow and fledge out! Might get really noisy and messy for a while! :)

  7. Still praying for Wendell! Thanks for the update.

    Vultures... should be interesting to watch them grow up!

  8. How exciting! Please post pictures often!
    I just wanted to let you know I am giving you the Versatile Blogger award. Check out my page to get your award!

  9. I think that would have scared the bejeebers out of me, Patrice -- and I don't scare easily.

    You just post all you want about Wendell. I think it's safe to say we (as in your readers) are all concerned about him and appreciate the updates very much! :)

  10. Vultures in the barn is pretty interesting! Glad to hear Wendell is doing a bit better. Animals become like family members.

  11. It sounds like having vultures in your barn will be an interesting adventure.

    Sorry to hear about Wendell, but glad he is doing better. It is always tough when one of our beloved animals is going through something difficult.

  12. Wow - that's pretty interesting having a vulture family. So happy to hear Wendell is ok. Spitting out antibiotics is usually a good sign. :)

  13. ICK!!!! I can't stand vultures or buzzards. I think they may be closely realted??? Not sure...but it creeps me out that buzzards don't have a rear exit (if you get what I mean). Nasty! odd that they nested in your barn.

    Thanks for visiting me:-). I love your place

    Have a good day & give Wendell a hug from the Princess


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