Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Princess' Attempt at Motherhood

     Princess is a Cornish Cross Broiler Chicken. When the group of chickens that she was raised with were
processed for their agricultural purpose in a food group(politically correct terms, eh?), Princess was way too scrawny. The tiny white bird was allowed to run around with the hopes that she would eventually gain weight. That is exactly what she did. Princess is the size of a small turkey. I have told you about her in previous posts.

     This week Princess decided to do something unusual. She layed an egg. Perhaps that doesn't sound too unusual to you, but she is not a laying hen. She is a breed of meat bird and they don't stay on the farm long enough to get to that point. She was quite proud of herself.


     Then she gathered her maternal instincts and focused on her future as a broody hen. Imagine that! A broody broiler. Sounds like something with a heated temper!

Princess sat on her egg.

     Now, remember that this is a huge bird. She had the right idea, but overestimated her abilities. Perhaps she underestimated her weight.


     She examined the egg, but was soon joined by Serenade.
"Serenade! That's my egg. My heart is breaking. You can't have my egg!"


*** This is normally the day for the Barn Chicks who Blog interviews. I have a few in the works, but there is not one ready for today. If you would like to be interviewed or know someone who would be interesting for my readers, please e-mail me. Stop back next Tuesday and see what I have for you.
Have a outstanding week!


  1. LOVE YOUR CHICKEN POSTS! They always make me smile!


  2. Oh no! Poor Princess!

    I was cracking up (sorry, had to do it) at the "broody broiler"! LOL

  3. Lol! The Broody Broiler....definitely conjours up an image!
    Poor, poor chubby hen....we all know the feeling of not realising one's own weight!

  4. That is the first time I have seen one that old. They are a nice looking hen. I bet she is big. Poor thing and having her first egg.

  5. Okay, so we want to know -- did she eat her egg? Haha! My chickens eat the cracked eggs before I can even get to them.

  6. poor baby girl!!! i just want to hug her and tell her it'll be alright...

  7. Poor little Princess...Maybe she needs a plastic egg.

  8. Now that is funny. I've never seen a meat bird lay, but I suppose they do have to reproduce somehow. (I always just kind of thought they raised them in test tubes.) But for Princess to still have any instincts at all, let alone going broody? That is amazing.

    Also, she's so clean! I've never seen a clean meat bird.

  9. Beautiful chickens. We raised Cornish Cross a couple years just to put in the freezer and I recall that there were one or two that layed eggs.

  10. Bless her highness' little ol' heart for tryin'! A broody broiler kind of describes me in many moments of a hot flash! Ah the memories! ;-)


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