Thursday, April 21, 2011

Planting Time in Full Swing

Spring is always busy here on the farm. We're growing lots of plants in the greenhouse for our 4-5 acres of vegetables. I love the greenhouse work. Getting the plants in the ground is lots of work, but we have a wonderful new piece of equipment that makes life much easier. C.S.Farmer and I picked it up on our road trip, earlier this year. It can do in one hour, what our old machine took three to four hours to do.

A baby Pac Choi

Whoever sits here pulls plants from the red trays, in front of the seats, and they drop them in holes as the yellow wheel digs them.

A baby Kohlrabi

The wheel that digs holes
(There's a second one if the riders can go that fast.)

The water tank fills the hole and the plant dries into the opening.

Onions cannot be planted by machine. It's all hand work!

A little red head lettuce

Broccoli as a toddler

This is only one aspect of our farm. We are also livestock growers. We got some piglets yesterday and I can't wait to show them to you, but that can be another post.

Have a great weekend!

I'm joining with my farm friends because
I love them! Hugs to all.

***Thanks to everyone who sent get well wishes to my horse, Wendell, and my daughter's pony, Cocoa. They're bored and begging for cable TV, but they'll have to just read.
Trivia: Wendell was named after the wonderful agricultural essayist, Wendell Berry. He writes some great fiction too!


  1. Amazing, I wish I had some cleared land to plant in.

    Sure looks like it makes the job easier.

  2. fantastic planting machine! great for you! and i drooled at the kohlrabi. love it raw. yum!

  3. Wow, something new to ask Santa for... ;-) LOVE it! Will check back soon to see more of your farm! Sorry tho about the sore feet. We have to watch that too. It's hard for me as I'm most used to my 17 h youngters who bloom on the spring grass (tho we do slowly enlarge their rotation). The wee ponies just have to stay in the dry lots more or wear muzzles (yuk). Best wishes for a beautiful Easter!

  4. Thanks for visiting, and following my blog! Vegetable growers have an intense job!! Kudos to you! The machine reminds me just a bit of the machines we see the Amish using to plant tobacco...except theirs of course have metal wheels, are pulled by horses and aren't nearly so colorful! :)

  5. Good name and I love Wendall Berry.
    That is some awesome work!!! Totally impressed. I just planted 80 brown onions and I was stiff from crawling around on my knees. Your rows are so beautiful. Can you do a video of that very cool machine planting or are you finished?

  6. Now THAT's a garden! ...and a lot of hard work! Happy Easter:@)

  7. Love that's even great colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I may find your blog! I just love reading about other city girls turned country loving farm girls! Isn't it a great life? I could never go back to city life!

  8. You do some serious planting! We also have a veggie garden, but nothing like that! My husband grows organic garlic (2500), a few hundred onions and the traditional tomatoes etc. but he does it all by hand. I won't show him this post.

    Thanks for finding my Journal.

  9. That would certainly make life easier. It reminds me also of the old tobacco setter that my dad used. As kids we loved to help. I'm not so sure he was that thrilled because we missed to many holes. Happy Easter!

  10. That machine is AWESOME! I'm so impressed by farming! Totally and completely impressed! And appreciative!

  11. My husband made a piece of equipment very much like this when we were planting conservation trees on our property a few years ago. Yours looks much nicer, though. :)

  12. Great to find your blog--I hopped over from Lori Skoog's. . .

  13. Mega planting! I love it! Don't have enough land to justify that sweet piece of machinery,so, I'm still down on my knees!

    happy weekend!

  14. Wow! Looks like you do some serious farming. I found your blog on Deborah Jean's site, and I've enjoyed my visit:)



  15. Oh I'm so jealous of that awesome planter of yours! We do it all by hand, Someday I wish for a trans planter and a plastic mulch layer!! Great post and thanks for sharing!

  16. That's quite a machine! Impressive!
    Somehow I missed your post about Wendell and Cocoa. Pippin can relate - he had laminitis before I got him. He is restricted to about two hours of grazing. He hates not being out there all of the time! I hope your boys are feeling better soon.

  17. I love seeing how you do that large of a vegetable farm. That machine is amazing!

  18. Now following you from the Bunny Hop! Have a wonderful Easter. Look forward to reading your blog! You can find me at

  19. 5 acres of veggies sounds delicious! I cannot wait to see the piglets. A Happy Easter to you and your family.

  20. You definitely need a machine for a garden like that. It does look like a tobacco setter as someone else said , I've been on the seat of one of those a many of a day on my Grand Daddy's farm.

    ~ Farm Friend Blessings ~


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