Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Apology to Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth,
     I feel bad that I have failed at helping you. I know that it is good to recycle. Oh, how I tried! I live in an area that has crappy recycling. Please don't cry. Read on. I tried to help by taking my recycling to my sister's house where they have wonderful recycling. It was her idea. She went with me to work one day( I'm a chef) and saw all of the things that I threw away. She got a bag and started putting plastics and styrofoam in it to take to her home for her curbside recycling. She said I could do that any time I wanted to. 

     I go to her town weekly and I decided to take my recycling from the house and my work. See, Mother Earth. I was trying to help. It was easy to meet her and put the stuff in the trunk of her car. She would take it home and place it in the big yellow bin. She had two now because she cares about the environment and wanted to do this. It was a struggle for her, because a grumpy person she knows thought we were both insane. You should smack him with some mulch or something!

     Everything went well for a few months. Then a little mouse decided to hop a ride in my recycling. It had been on the porch of my ancient farmhouse. It was only a little mouse, I'm sure. It lived in the trunk of her car for weeks. She trapped it and also trapped three others in her house. Grumpy is sure that I brought all of them with me.

     My sister and I felt defeated. I would have never brought her a mouse. She wouldn't even want a puppy. She was grossed out by trapping them. I felt terrible! She felt terrible too. She questioned her sanity when she played computer Scrabble and her tiles came up M-O-U-S-E. Not once, but twice!
She was at the grocery store and swore the box in the freezer said, "Chocolate Mouse." Surely anyone could miss that other little "s" in the word. She even went to work (she's a nurse) and had to care for a patient named Mrs. Micer. If only people would have "recycle" on the brain, the same way she had "mouse." 

     So sorry that I can no longer recycle there. I'm still trying to do the right thing, you poor planet! I go to a local store and pick up empty frosting buckets from the bakery. They were throwing them in the dumpster.They work great for feeding our farm animals, and storing things. Look at my haul from this week.

     They never clean them out before I take them, but that's okay. I'm usually on a sugar high just from smelling them as I drive home. I will continue to get them as long as I can use them. See, Mother Earth. I am trying to help. My husband pointed out that the back bumper of my truck had blue frosting on it this morning. It was a lovely shade and he's not one of  those grumpy, mouse hating people, so I think it'll be okay.

     Hang in there. One of these days people will wake up and smell the roses (if there are any left by then.)

p.s. If you decide  to throw some mulch  or compost at that grumpy person, could you please let me know so I can take my camera. I can blog about it!


  1. Thanks for the giggle! Happy recycling and Happy Thursday! :o)

  2. we don't have any recyclying available here except for newspapers at the schools and i take my plastic bottles and plastic bags up to the local grocery store who places tiny little bins to collect them near their door. at least it's something...

  3. Love your blog and this post too

  4. Send grumpy down here, I'll be happy to throw some mulch on him. LOL

  5. That is too funny, really that is just a riot about the mouse words.
    Do you know one time I went to the feed store to buy some shavings for the guinea pig cage and there was a whole family of mice in the bag of shavings, Mom,
    Dad and babies, they rode all the way home with me and then when I opened the back of my car they made a dash for it, in the car, in the garage.
    I feel for your poor sister.
    Oh and I think Mother Nature should just put her big pants on and get over it.
    Someday archeologists will need a job. :)

  6. Too Funny! We have to carry all of ours to town too. The moos eat a lot of my food waste, but it is a pain to haul all those containers to the van and then the recycle station, but we do it because...well.. I guess because it's there and we can.

    Hang in there. Another solution will present itself soon that does not involve rodents.

  7. Such a funny post, Patrice. What a great writing style you have.

    Made me smile. :)

  8. I better say nothing about *my* recycling.... the Mother-earth-Nazis will definitely come after me.
    End of story!
    But I loved yours....very funny!


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