Monday, April 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Easter was a stormy day here. We've had enough rain recently that it's hard to get our plants in the ground. I don't like the other extreme either. We've had to deal with summer droughts for the last couple of summers. Last week had temperatures in the 60's, with an 83 degree day and one in the 40's. Dressing is a challenge.  Today will be like a summer day. Excuse me, where's spring?

Watermelon- I'm amazed that my watermelon seed germinated in less than a week. In a week and a half it looks almost big enough to go into the field. Every seed was slow to start until about three weeks ago. Zoom!

Asparagus- Our asparagus has taken a while to get established. I forgot we had an asparagus patch until the middle of last week. I walked into my kitchen and found a huge bunch on the counter. Hello there!


Handsome Horse- Wendell is not doing as well as I'd hoped. I'll be treating him with homeopathy. I treated his little friend, Cocoa, with it and had good results. I'm a bit ferhoozled, as the Amish say. I generally put the homeopathic pellets in with  grain or I hide them in a cut- out section of a carrot. He can't have either grain or a carrot with laminitis. My horse and I are both watching our carbs now.

Cheesecake Truffles-

These little beauties are one of the easiest desserts I've made in a coon's age. This old city girl doesn't exactly know how old that is. The cheesecake truffles were a big hit with my family. 

Cheesecake Truffles:
(I used two recipes for the picture below- minus the three I ate before they were photographed. Shhh!)
Each recipe:
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 heaping Tablespoon of honey- agave would work
1/4 cup peach jam or strawberry-not a runny jam, but one that is mostly fruit
1/2 tsp. vanilla
powdered sugar
dried coconut for coating them

Beat cream cheese with honey until smooth. Add jam and vanilla-mix well. If this is thin like pancake batter, add some powdered sugar gradually until it becomes the texture of soft ice cream. If the texture is already that, you can skip the powdered sugar. 

Refrigerate for an hour or pop in the freezer for 10 minutes to firm it up. Place coconut in a small bowl. Using a small cookie scoop or melon baller, scoop the truffle and dump it into the coconut. Roll gently to coat completely and place in a paper cup. Keep scooping and rolling until you run out of the mixture.

I chilled these overnight in a covered container and the flavors had a chance to blend. They were much better after the night chill than the one that attacked me and jumped into my mouth while I was making them. Help! Help! Again, please!


  1. oh, sorry to hear wendall is not springing back as fast as you'd hoped! i hate to hear about any animal being ill, but having had a horse founder, i know that feeling of angst... fingers crossed you find a good way to treat him.

    we're getting a few sprinkles at Run*A*Round today so i'm hoping it'll result in some actual rainfall finally. :)

  2. Ooo, I DEFINITELY want to make those yummy cheesecake balls!!! And fresh asparagus!!! Is there anything in all the world like FRESH asparagus....hello, fresh produce and welcome to our lives again!!! :)

  3. Lovely, to bad I can't taste through the computer. :)

  4. Oh these mini cheesecake balls look wonderful. I think we ought to munch on these whilst watching Friday's wedding.... What d'ya reckon? To be honest, I doubt if any of the ones having the Wedding Breakfast in the Palace will have anything tastier....Yum!

  5. Those cheesecake balls sound yummy! And I can make them -- they're gluten free -- for my little one to enjoy as well. (He has Celiac Disease)

    I have some fresh asparagus that we are having for dinner tonight. Nothing screams spring to me more than those green stalks!

  6. Aren't those truffles so pretty! I bet they taste awesome as well.

    So sorry about Wendell. I do hope he gets better soon. :)

  7. Oh I was full of comments about weather and veggie planting, but the cheesEcake truffles sidetracked my mind;)


  8. oh, don't those truffles look divine!? i love a yummy, pretty, AND easy recipe!


  9. Oh, poor Wendell. So, he's not such a food hog that he'll eat anything, eh? Pippin doesn't seem to care, if it's in his feed bin it is gone.
    What if you mixed it in soaked timothy pellets?

  10. Those truffles do look good. We are having crazy amounts of rain, so I feel your pain!

  11. Just sayin' if you are a raccoon, and you live around these parts, a 'coon's age is NOT very long! ;-) Sorry Handsom is not healing as quickly as you would like. Hope he turns the corner soon! Our asparagus is also up, just wish it would dry off enough to go pick some! (it's out in a field near a ditch that might now qualify as a river!)


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