Thursday, April 14, 2011

Low Entries on Giveaway- Ends 4/14

It's not too late to enter the giveaway for the horse books by Alice Hart. They received an excellent review from two of my daughters. They're written for teens and young adults. Since my daughters urged me to read them, I will take it that they consider me a young adult.
Some days you have to take what you can get! I haven't read them yet, but the girls raved about them.

Shadow Horse


Wendell says that you should all enter. Wendell says you should all send him carrots. The wisdom and whimsy of Wendell!
"Hay! Don't forget that I want you to refer to my words as the Wisdom and whimsy of the World's Most Handsome Horse. Got it, babe!"

***** Wendell will not be included in this giveaway, although there are days...

"I heard that! Neigh!"
Only kidding, Sweetie!


  1. I'm in, I'm in!!! Hello, me me me me, over here!! I'd love those books!!!

    The only reason why I didn't sign up for this giveaway before was I saw how many followers you had and realized my chances were nil. Since you mentioned low entries... well count me in!! :)

    I think it was this blog that had so many followers, but if I was wrong, I am sorry :( herrre I am though! Hello!!

  2. I missed this!!!!
    Count me in too....but I AM from Canada so do I count?:)

  3. I love, love, love, horses and reading!! Pick me...

  4. I love horses - I am a grown "teen" - I would read these and then I have a special somebody who is a teen that I would pass them on to!


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