Friday, April 29, 2011

Here's My Boy

I want to show all of my wonderful followers and readers how Wendell is doing. He's feisty as normal, but still moving a bit slowly. He is really getting back in the saddle again. That makes a funny visual for you! These pictures were taken today (4/29) by my awesome daughter who reminds me she risked her life to give him his medicine this morning. Sorry, honey! You know what he's like when he feels good.

 "Patrice didn't tell you that I'm standing out here
waiting for someone to come get me so I can
be a fancy carriage horse for the Royal Wedding.
I want to wear plumes in my hair and fancy tack."

He must be feeling better!

"Like my optimistic braids? One of my favorite girls
gave me a new 'do' when I was down and out because 
she believed I'd be okay. Believing is good, but carrots are better!"

The night he crashed, my daughter had braided
his forelock in a braid that sat straight out. He looked 
like a wilting unicorn!

I wish you all a great weekend!


  1. keep at it, sweet wendell! maybe you can be a royal wedding attendant for the next wedding!

  2. It is great news that Wendell is feeling better!

  3. So glad he looks better, it is so much better when they get to their feet. I like the braids.

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  5. Heres a message to Wendell, from Sally,Our menopausal shetland pony - "Health is a wonderful thing - and we are so happy you made it through this colic episode to torment your owners for another sunny season! Keep up the good work ;)!

  6. Thank you so much for the update! I am SO happy he is doing better and getting back to his feisty self!

  7. So gald he's on the mend, it must have been a worrying time.
    Have a good week
    See yea George xxx

  8. Thanks to everyone.
    GoWestFeral Woman-You and Sally gave me a good laugh!

  9. Thank God for a good report! Tell Wendell I said that he didn't get to pull the carriage at the Royal Wedding because the other horses would have been way too jealous of him!

  10. Good boy Wendell! So happy to read that he is getting better!

  11. In this case it's good that he's feeling fiesty, right? At least that is how I'd feel*wink*

    So glad Wendell is feeling spunky again, even if it is a slower spunky. :o)

    Blessings for your weekend,

  12. Wendell, Be nice to those girls! They love you sooo much! Glad to see your up, out, and about!

  13. So glad that Wendell is feeling better! The braids are cute.

  14. I happened to think about Wendell and had to come check on him! So glad to hear he's better. The optimistic braids (and Wendell) capture my heart :) -Tammy

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