Friday, April 15, 2011

Chicken Wire

     I know it sounds a bit elementary, but there is a reason why they call this wire mesh "chicken wire".

     If you have some of these.

     And some of these.

     You need to protect them from these.

     And these.

     The Little Flock helped themselves to several flats of Swiss Chard, but that won't happen again. Our wonderful farm helper installed chicken wire all the way around our big greenhouse. Now when the weather flaps are up on the side, to let air in, they will no longer let garden pests in.

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  1. Ha, very true! We also call it goose wire for the same reason! =)

  2. Haha! So funny.... and here's me thinking chicken wire was to keep predators out. NOW I know better!

  3. Helps with the rabbits too:@)

  4. Hmmm....would that keep squirrels out too? Because if it does, I'm covering my entire backyard with it. LOL

  5. And I thought it was called Chicken wire because anyone who is the least bit 'chicken' won't touch it for fear of poking themselves... something I do all the time when I'm messing with it!
    Cute post... bad chickens!!

  6. What? Chickens getting into things they shouldn't? Unbelievable!

    Mine are banished to the coop area right now. If they dig up one more flower bulb.... :)

  7. Well I would have never thought of that. We don't use chicken wire around here because it's useless at keeping the minks out of the chicken pen, BUT it would be good at keeping the chickens out of the plants.

    Thanks for the idea

  8. What a good idea, and your baby plants look great... LOVE the comments on the chicken pictures! I often imagine MINE talking to each other and us!

  9. Chickens will get into everything. But, they are cute!

  10. Those chickens do look perfectly angelic! Surely they wouldn't ever get into your garden.


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