Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Good Find

     C.S.Farmer and I had the screen porch of our old farmhouse enclosed and made into a room. We have had to make lots of choices that I haven't had to make in a very long time, like paint and flooring. We had a ceiling put in that is just like the one that used to be in the porch, but without all the nasty old paint.

     There are four recessed lights and a space in the middle of the ceiling for a flush mounted ceiling fan. We searched for a fan, but could not find one that we liked. We decided to look at stained glass lamps, but had already left the store so  that would be a trip for another day.

     I met my sister in town when I took my girls to music lessons. I love getting to see her every week! The music lessons are wonderful, but a visit with my sister ranks high in my book. She took me to her car  to show me something she found at a thrift shop. As she opened her trunk I saw a dirty old lamp covered in an old bedspread. When she opened the bedspread I could see that it was a stained glass lamp. Under the layers of grease and dirt, I could see that it had three of my favorite colors; blue, green, and purple. She offered it to me and I took it, not knowing if C.S.Farmer would like it.

     When I got it home I realized that it was probably hand made. I cleaned it carefully with straight cleaner and a toothbrush. As the sun poured in the window, I saw that I had a lovely lamp. The farmer thought it was great and had our electrician install it the next day.
I wish I'd had an earlier picture for a "before and after." It didn't look
like this at all.

Thanks, "Fluffy"!
(Fluffy and Curly are my sister and her fella. He's "Curly" because he's bald! lol)


  1. Now that's synchronicity if I ever heard of it. Sister synchronicity actually. Nothing better! It's beautiful!

  2. A beautiful lamp Patrice,striking colours!

  3. My dear Patrice, you KNOW that would look much better in my home!
    (I love it)

  4. A beautiful lampshade.
    What a great find!


  5. Your room reminds me of our sun room! LOVE the lamp because those happen to be three of my favorite colors too! Wish I had a sister, but I do have several special ladies in my life who I "chose" to be my sisters.

  6. Lovely light and so all I get to see is part of the ceiling and a part of the wall and the top of the windows? I really like what I see though and I really like your colors it looks nice. I can't wait to see the rest. Are you going to share?

  7. So, sisters that think alike?
    What a beautiful lamp! Wow! It is great.

  8. It's so pretty!

    I totally forgot about the HOP on Wednesday! So sorry! I'll get it all day.

  9. That is a great find! Beautiful colors.

  10. What a nice Sis you have! Absolutely beautiful!

  11. Actually the thrift shop was a flea market table at the senior center that I attend for my tap dancing lessons. If you just look for beauty, sometimes you find it when least expected, and the most beautiful part was seeing my sister so happy.
    Lol fluffy

  12. Beautiful!
    That's awesome, having a "date" with your sister each week.
    Have a great weekend. :)


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