Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Barn Chicks Blog - Interview with Doc

     Today I have the interesting experience of interviewing Doc from the Little Flock. This will probably be my most unique interview to date. I will not delay any further. Here is the interview. Enjoy!


1. Doc, could you please tell my why I'm interviewing a rooster?
You call this Barn Chickens who Blog. Don't you?

2. Could you please tell us about your early times here as a rooster?
Certainly. I was born in an incubator in D3's room. I was the first chick to "pip" his shell and make my grand entrance. I was really lonely, so I visited each egg and spoke to them. When they answered me, I helped them get their shells out of the way. That's how I got the name Doc. I'm kind of like a poultry OB.

3. I understand that you would like to be on the television show, The Bachelor. Is this true?
Definitely! I love the ladies.

4. Do you see yourself wining and dining the ladies? How about the hot tub?
I don't whine. I crow. Dining is fine with me. Don't mention hot tub. It makes me think of noodles and dumplings. I don't do hot tubs!

5. Are there any special ladies in your life right now?
I'm quite partial to two hens who escaped from the laying hen yard, Hussie and Gussie. They are such free spirits that they left just to hang around with the roosters!

6. Do you ever think of settling down or do you just want to continue with the bachelor life?
Think about it- I am free range! You figure it out, Sweetie!

7. Do you have any hobbies?
I like intimidating cats so I can eat their cat food. Foreign cuisine has always attracted me. I also like to eat bugs. Yum!

8. What do you see as a good quality in a hen?
Productivity. Oh, I also like ruffled feathers!

9. If you weren't a chicken, what would you like to be?
The farmer, because I'd like to be able  to drive the tractor.

10. What are some of your favorite things about the farm you live on?
The hens, the bugs, the cat food, and my friend, Princess. She's so obese that I feel fit as a fiddle when I stand next to her!

11. Why do you run from the camera when I try to take your picture?
Paparazzi are such a pain in the south side of the rooster!

12. What do you have planned for your future?
I want to learn to fly. I've seen egret land on the backs of the cattle  to eat bugs and I think it would be great if I could fly over there and do that. Then I'd crow. That would make  the cattle very happy. I would also like to replace the alarm feature on C.S.Farmer's iPhone. Maybe I could sleep in the house then.

Anyone interested in being interviewed for Barn Chicks who Blog?
As you might have noticed, I could use some new interviews. I can be contacted at patrice@everydayruralty.com



  1. Haha! That is very funny. And I'm especially interested in the whole chicken-rooster interview because we are now seriously looking for chooks to buy.
    so - give this lady some advice: what are the 'musts' to look out for when buying and looking after these creatures?

    Oh, and Patrice .... how do I say this. Er, the photo in the blog below this one. Eeeeek! My phobia. You must warn. Just a quick: "The following blog post comes with a government health warning. If you have a perfectly rational fear of the animals names ____ , then look away now."
    That would suffice. Merci! x

  2. This is awesome!


  3. Cute inteview method. I love it! :)

  4. LOL! I love our hens. We have 9 and they're nothing but drama :-)

    I'd be up for an interview :-)

  5. How funny is that! I love Doc, maybe he can do a follow-up interview soon.

  6. I have always wondered about what goes on in a Rooster's mind. Thanks for this in-depth look at life from Doc's perspective.

  7. I LOVED this interview! Loved the "foreign cuisine" the most! :) He's a doll!

  8. Roosters always have the best personalities!

  9. Clever interview! If you ever run out of ideas (which I doubt), I'll be at the Red Farmhouse.

  10. Best interview ever! LOL He is such a character. ~:> Mal

  11. I love this blog!~ Doc Rocks!

  12. Could you please reveal Doc's blog address. I really wanna follow this fella...

  13. That's what we need more animal talk, great interview
    See Yea George xxx

  14. I don't know Patrice, now that we know your animals can talk...LOL

  15. love this!!! we have chickens... or did until a few weeks ago when a dog attacked all of them :(... anyways... they really do have a personality :)


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