Thursday, February 24, 2011

Road Trip

     C.S.Farmer often takes trips to pick up machinery or livestock. I often stay home and tackle all of my chores and other residents of my "to do" list. I decided to travel with him yesterday to Pennsylvania. We went to Lancaster, Leola, East Earl, Bird-in-Hand, and New Holland. There was snow on the ground, but the roads were as clear as could be. I'm glad I chose to go. We had a wonderful time talking and just being a couple. We often have the girls with us, or we're too busy with our individual projects. We were both 100% into this trip. Early on our journey I asked, "Is this a date?" He replied, "Yes." It actually turned out to be more enjoyable than many of our "date nights."

We saw a lot of this.

And this.

And this. I wonder if the one on the left feels left out without a
blanket like the one on the right has. :)

Fortunately, we didn't see lots of  this (elk). But he 
caught me off guard when I left the ladies room of
 one of the businesses! He was at least four times the
size of a normal White Tail Deer!

We came home with this. The red is a Water Wheel
Transplanter. The green is a Raised Bed Mulch Layer.
We also got a Mulch Lifter, but it was in the back of  
the truck.

    Have a good Thursday!


  1. That is a very sweet date:)
    Don't you love just driving away alone together and having the freedom to actually take in everything around you....without "distractions":))

    Love those buggies....I have always wanted to visit Amish places. One day.

  2. I love dates like that. It looks so fun and so much to see. I am so glad you took picture. Even with snow on the ground it looked like a beautiful day.

  3. Oh Patrice, that would be my dream date (as long as there was food involved at some stage of the day!). But ... driving... no 'distractions'... beautiful countryside... That really is the stuff my dreams are made of. I'm not one for 'dressing up' too much, so this kind of date would suit me so much.

    Oh.... and, I loved the post because on our first US trip, we stayed in Lancaster county, so this brought back many, many wonderful memories. Ahhhhh...

  4. Ahhh, you were driving through one of my favorite areas!
    My dad used to live near there and we would drive through the Amish countryside on our way to and from his house as a break from the awful Interstate system.
    Sounds like you had a great day!

  5. What a lovely way to spend a date!
    I know how nice it is to invest in some 'together' time with hubby :o)

  6. You live in an amazing country! Glad you had a adventurious trip with your hubby!

  7. This is a very sweet post, my dear.

    It's the everyday, same-old, same-old dates that prove your relationship is tried and true.

    Very nice post. :)

  8. i love road trips!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day/date!

  10. How Fun!!! We can never think of anything to do for our date ... day or night. We usually end up going to see a movie.

  11. What a nice date! Darn if I`d of known you were heading to PA I would have had a fresh pot on!

  12. What a nice date! Darn if I`d of known you were heading to PA I would have had a fresh pot on!

  13. Steve and I spent yesterday side by side at a John Deere seminar on using the computer screen in the tractor and combine. WOO HOO! I did get a nice lunch out of it and a whole lot of information to try and process. Farm dates are so fun! ;-)


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