Saturday, February 19, 2011

The mailman brought me goodies!

     I love getting happy mail. No, I didn't say a Happy Meal! I specifically said "happy" because we all get mail that doesn't make us smile, like bills. I have received the following things that made me smile from some special bloggers.

     I received this beautiful calendar from my friend at Homeschool on the Croft. Her pictures are so pretty that I'm having a serious desire to travel to Scotland. It beats the calendars full of pictures of tractors that C.S.Farmer brings home from the farm store. They like us there because we spend money. "Here, have another calendar!"

Our snow isn't that pretty.

Our rams aren't this impressive. Mind you, we don't
have sheep!

Ooh-Aw! Lovely photo!

     Then I received crocheted dish rags from Kim at Life in a Little Red Farmhouse. I know she referred to them as dish rags, but they're so pretty that I will call them dish cloths. My rags are hiding in disgrace!

My little bouquet!

Packaged so beautifully!

Think sherbet. I'm dieting. Food would cross my

Limes and lemons. That's low carb!

Such good stitches. I'm impressed!

Thank you to both of these ladies. Do visit their blogs. I go there to read all of their new posts.
Have a great weekend!
Remember- If  you're a dish rag
and you think of your self and present 
yourself as a dish cloth, others will
think highly of you as well.


  1. How really nice and I still feel like bloggers are the nicest people in the whole world. I am with you there too, Scotland would be a wonderful place to go visit.

  2. Loved the advice. :)

    Lovely gifts from near and far. I too love this blogging community that makes the world seem small and full of kindness.

  3. I make dish cloths and they are so fun to give away as gifts. I like how she wraped them up in rolls and tied them together.
    I'm trying to teach my grandchildren how to do acts of kindness. We live in a self help world we need to get back into thinking of helping other people.
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day~!
    Ta Ta For Now From Iowa:)

  4. What beautiful gift. I love the idea of the dish cloths.

  5. Now that is happy mail indeed. I am into crocheting so I love the crocheted items you received - that's alot of work - You are loved!

  6. Then yarn is gorgeous! The pattern is just like the one my mom uses! What wonderful goodies to find in the mail box!

  7. How thoughtful of your Scottie friend to send you some pieces of love! Bloggers rule, plain and simple. :)

  8. You're welcome for the dish CLOTHS! They were fun to make. And yes, I did love the yarn. I'm gonna have to make the "sherbet" one for myself too!

  9. ...and you're very welcome for the calender! I'm so glad it arrived, and thank you for appreciating it. It makes it all very worthwhile...
    Oh, and I hope you do make to Scotland one day. You'd be soooo welcome ;) x

  10. Such nice gifts and I love those dish cloths. The crocheted variety are the best.

  11. What great friends bloggers are!! Beautiful calendar and the dish rags are gorgeous. I love them :)


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