Friday, January 7, 2011

The Sweater I Cannot Get Rid Of

     I've been collecting old wool sweaters to embark on a felting project. I had a few already, but I found some dirt cheap at the thrift shop. I'm not sure what project I will be starting with, but I'll let you know. I guess I'm hoping that the felt will speak to me and I'll get some ideas.
     I ran across something that I'd almost forgotten. It's a blue Christmas sweater. It is all cotton, so it would never work for my felting project, but it has a special meaning to me.
     The sweater isn't my choice of Christmas sweaters, but it came to me with a lot of love. Sixteen years ago, my mom had stopped by for a visit. She loved Christmas and arrived wearing the above sweater, with slacks.
As she sat at my kitchen cooking island she asked me if I had a Christmas sweater. When I responded "no," she instantly pulled off her sweater and handed it to me. "You have one now," she said. My mom was always  that kind, and generous.
     There was one problem. I had an older lady sitting at my cooking island in a bra. "Mother, Don't you think you should wear something more  than just your bra? C.S.Farmer might walk in at any time," I said. "Oh, I guess that might be a problem. Would you find me something to wear home?"  I quickly found her a shirt  and she was quite happy to have given me the blue sweater. I have tried to wear it a few times, but it just wasn't "me". I haven't been able to part with it, because it bring a huge smile when I think of an incredibly generous woman who loved me so much that she'd "give me the shirt off her back."


  1. What a great Mom you had an to be so generous to give you that sweater.. You could make it into a pillow. I laugh at the picture in my mind of her sitting there in her bra. funnnnny..
    It's a gift of love and I think everyone should learn to give like this in this world.
    Have a tiggeriffic Day.. from Iowa

  2. That is a lovely sweater and it cracks me up she was sitting there in her bra, chatting. So funny and so sweet. I would never get rid of it either.
    You could make felted sweater cupcakes. :)out of your others.

    I owe you a letter I think but it has been run around with my head cut off week.
    I made a list last night because of the chest pains I was having and trying to calm down.
    It really was a week. :)
    We are off to a running good week.
    Blessings to you,
    A giant hug from me to you.

  3. That is such a sweet story. It is certainly a testimony to the character that your Mom possessed. I would never part with that sweater either.

  4. I think I'd have to frame it (like folks do with sports jerseys) and make it part of my Christmas decor. :) What a sweetheart (and funny too).

  5. Wow that's really amazing! How hilarious- your mom sounds fantastic! What a great memory. I thought of a pillow too, but have you ever seen a Marushka (sp?)- my husband used to collect those & they are really neat!

  6. What a great gesture by your mom and kind of funny at the same time.

  7. What a wonderful story. Keep the sweater, it just might "be you" one day.

  8. Patrice, what a wonderful story. I wouldn’t be able to give it away either. You know--I would put it on when you are home and not planning on going out just to feel the warmth and love in it.


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