Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ode to the Goddess of Coffee Grinders

C.S. Farmer likes his coffee,
this you would agree.
He delighted with a new French Press,
acquired just by me.

I got the press from CSN,
and made C.S.Farmer happy.
The new fresh coffee was so good,
and making it was snappy.

One slight problem had the man,
we had no coffee grinder.
I should have bought it with the press,
it would have been much kinder.

Poor farmer tried to get beans ground,
it was no delight.
Stomping and squishing all night long,
it was such a sight!

Since that didn't work,
the tractor was a chance.
He mowed down each bean,
but they only did dance.

No custom  ground coffee,
for our press.
One's caffeinated spirit,
it did depress.

Doomed for a life,
with regular ground.
The coarse ground required,
just couldn't be found.

Then one day at market,
a lovely vision did appear.
She handed him a coffee grinder,
and coffee and beer.

Happy farmer returned
with gift in hand.
Grinding and drinking
himself to la la land.

Coffee was good,
and the French press did sing.
The farmer did manage
to forget one thing.

Thanks to the beauty
who gave such a gift.
His caffeinated spirit,
she did lift.

It's friends who help,
in such a time of need.
Thanks "C & R",
you're friends indeed!


  1. Glad you found a grinder. I have a grinder and love it. There is nothing quite like fresh ground coffee.

  2. Ummm. Can smell it from here!!! :)

    So Mr. "Caffeine Saturated" Farmer is all better now...

  3. Giggling at the sight! Glad you found a grinder to complete the treat.

  4. Wow you can write rhyme.:) Now I am really impressed. Such a nice coffee grinder.

  5. oh how I love coffee

  6. How cute! Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee. :)

  7. Oh, what we don't do to have our coffee!! LOL


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