Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Christmas Present Just Arrived

     For Christmas, C.S.Farmer got me a fantastic present. It's so big it would never fit under the tree. I have to share it, but that's okay. I want to show it to you now and then post progress reports as it's finished and decorated.

My art studio! Yeah!
     This is my own special 160 sq. feet of space. C.S.Farmer has his "mancave" and now I have my- oh, what shall I call it. Woman cave sounds a bit too Neanderthal. Sorry guys. You can have Neanderthal. Chick cottage? No. The chickens are housed nearby and I don't want them getting confused and messing up my studio. I guess I'll figure out a name for a woman's special place. I also need to give the studio an actual name. I've had ideas about that for months. I have to see if I can recall them or find the list.

     This is the raw shell. C.S. will be insulating and putting up sheet rock. I will have a ceiling fan for warmer months. Yes, Viginia, there are warmer months!

Let the sun shine!
     I have lots of natural light. It will be perfect for the girls who will be sharing the space with me. Yes. I plan on sharing with my girls. I love all of their artistic endeavors and want to encourage their work. They will do more when they have a space to work that doesn't involve other family activities.

     My next door neighbors are our laying hens. Two hundred or more very nice, hard working ladies. It beats other neighbors I've had in my lifetime.

Another neighbor
     Directly in front of the studio is our greenhouse. It is something  I enjoy seeing. Hopefully it will not nag me too much when the creative moment strikes. I always feel good when I go in there and see all of that "green".

     We'll have lots of decisions to make, but that will be fun. We will be remodeling the kitchen in a few months and the old kitchen cabinets will go out to the studio. They'll provide lots of storage for art supplies, craft items, and sewing things. These  things will relieve the house of some of  the clutter. We're so excited about the new space.

Thanks, C.S.Farmer!
You no longer have to feel guilty for the time you spend in the man cave!


  1. What a *gorgeous* present! I hope you have many, many hours of enjoyment.... I don't doubt it.
    (Actually, I got my Christmas pressie yesterday too....but I'm gonna blog about it, so I'm not telling you just now!)

    I *love* yours though x

  2. Now that is a thoughtful present.
    Time and effort required, showing love :)

    Enjoy ur Sanctuary.


  3. What a wonderful gift! I cannot wait to see what it looks like finished.



  4. Lucky Girl! What a perfect present. Can't wait to see how you "bling-it-up".

  5. Will you have heat in the winter?

    What a wonderful space all of your own - well, all to your feminine selves...

    Can't wait to see what comes out of the creative cottage!

  6. such an amazing gift! A place to call your own... I L.O.V.E. it!

  7. What a great gift, enjoy! :)


  8. Very nice and I bet you are excited to be able to get in there and create. I bet the girls are excited too. I love it and it is so pretty.

  9. I am so coveting that!!! I want one!!! I'm showing this to Hubs with lots of sentences about how awesome CS Farmer is to his lovely!

  10. i want a woman cave...I guess mine would be the whole house since the hubby gets the garage.

  11. That is so nice -- the name must have "cottage" in it, though. :)

    I would love to have a litte cabin all to myself. Oh wait, that's the house. Haha!

    Give your generous husband a big hug! What a thoughtful present.

  12. How exciting Patrice. I love it and I can imagine how wonderful you are going to make it. Your only studio. That is a gift worth waiting for my friend :)

  13. This is so wonderful! Seriously, I want one now. What a great little escape right on your property!

  14. Sweet! I'm using a shed aka the hippy chick pad, but, only in warmer weather for the time being. Still need to insulate it.

    I use if for art, sewing, meditation, and sometimes just to be by myself.

    You will so love this!

  15. That man is a keeper! Holy cow that's just incredible. Have fun decorating:)

  16. What a great present!! Now that's a man that's thinking.


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