Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Baby for the Year

     We were surprised and pleased that one of our heifers, Buttons, had a little bull calf. The calf is dark gray, unlike its Black Angus mother.
"Hi, I really am gray, but Patrice isn't the
world's greatest photographer!"

     I had not gone down to the barn to see the little guy, so after lunch today, C.S.Farmer and I walked down to the barn so he could check on mother and baby. I took my camera, because I'm a blogger. As we approached  the fence we could see a baby calf. We shouldn't have been able to see one, because he was supposed to be in the barn with momma. For one split second, C.S.Farmer couldn't figure out how the baby calf got out of the box stall. Then her realized, it was not the same calf. Bailey gave birth to a calf this morning when nobody was looking. This calf is also dark gray, but it is a bit smaller than Buttons' new baby.
"Ha-ha! I fooled the farmer. Oh, and by the way, I am gray.
Right Patrice? You really should try to take more of your
photos with natural light."
     Photography advice from small animals! What's next? 


  1. Oh my gosh! Cute little babies for the new year! And smart, camera-savvy ones at that!

  2. Happy and healthy New Year to you and yours Patrice!
    What beautiful babies :o) They've certainly made me smile!

  3. Awwwwww. Babies on the farm are the best, especially when the birthing is easy! Congrats!

  4. How cute!! Your new additions are a fun start to the new year! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  5. Baby animals! I love them. This little fella reminds me of my time I used to spend on my uncle's farm in south Georgia. One of my jobs was to feed the calves.
    This new baby is precious.

  6. What a wonderful new year surprise. They are both adorable. Nothing like little farm babies to brighten any day. Congratulations!

  7. Sweet fellows. They are both just adorable.

  8. Adorable! A new little guy for a new year!!
    (So loved your comment- "I took my camera~ I am a blogger")!!!!!:)))))

  9. When I grab my camera, my boys always ask, "Are you going to blog about that?"

    Love the calf! So cute.

  10. Oh Patrice, what a miracle of life that has taken place in your world! I would love to have more livestock or even poultry, but hubby, at 67 years old, wants to downsize! I'll live vicariously through your blog, if I may! Enjoy your new baby! Happiest of New Year, such a good sign, with this little guy's appearance! Roz


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