Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Beautiful Sight

     I have the good fortune of being able to sit in on D2's harp lessons. Last week I took a book with me, but I was so fascinated by the teaching and distracted by the beautiful sound, that my book became lonely. There are usually five or more harps in the studio when we're there.
     I found myself studying a beautiful pedal harp. There are two types of harps, pedal and lever. The pedals are at the bottom and the levers are at the top. They control whether the string is sharp or flat. The harp I'm showing you is a pedal harp that her teacher plays professionally. It's so lovely that I photographed it to show you.
This is the crown at the top of the pillar.

This is some beautiful scroll styled painting at the base
of the soundboard.

Every inch of this instrument is beautiful.

This is the neck that holds the tuning pins and  the 
bridge pins.

Another view. The red strings are all C's and  the 
blue strings are all F's, so it's like a colorful road map.

     It wouldn't have occurred to me to link this post to anything, but after reading my comments from this post today I had a thought. This post is fresh because it gives people an experience that many might not ever have. It allows folks to see the close-up beauty of a harp. Prior to my daughter playing, I had only seen one of these beautiful harps at a symphony concert, and at the distance from where I was seated, I had no idea how ornate these lovely instruments are.


  1. Oh My goodness, what fine art work. I've never had the privilege of being so close to a harp as in your photos. Harp music is so soothing to listen to. Thanks for the great lesson in harps.
    Wanna buy a duck

  2. Just gorgeous, and the harp's not bad either! :)

    I love your talented girls!

  3. What a stunning harp! I have no musical tallent at all, but if I did the harp would be the instrument of choice ;O)

  4. Pedal harps are really fun! Good old Lyon and Healy's :) Especially those gold harps -- majorly expensive though. It's excellent your daughter is taking harp lessons now! She will love it as much as I do. :)

    ~Liz B

  5. Just beautiful. So you your dear daughter. I bet you just sit mesmerized. I would forget my book too.

  6. Oh my, what a stunning instrument. I love listening to the harp....very relaxing and beautiful.
    Oh, what I'd do for a dear child sitting at my feet right now playing the harp.....sigh. It'd do wonders for a person's frame of mind, wouldn't it :)

  7. oh that looks so pretty! I've never seen a harp up close.

  8. Both of them are lovely - although I like the wonderful glow of that smile better then that gold on the harp...:)

    And can we have a mini video concert one day too? I knew a family whose Daughter AND mother played - it was like being a different world to hear them play...

  9. Beautiful post. The harp is gorgeous and how amazing that your daughter plays a harp. So wonderful Patrice. Talented family you have :)

  10. Harp and bagpipes have a wonderful effect on my mood. So jealous you get to hear it live and performed by your daughter! Enjoy for us all!

  11. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Harp music is so beautiful. I had an elementary teacher who played and she would bring her harp to schoo, no small feat, and play for us.

  13. What a gorgeous instrument! I think it would be such a wonderful talent to be able to play!

  14. That IS a beautiful harp! Not all are that ornamented.

    I think it's wonderful that your daughter is studying to play such a lovely instrument. And, not an easy one to learn at that!

    Fair play to her!

  15. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks too, for stopping in and entering to win the $100 CSN Stores Giveaway! Thanks for following my blog, and I , of course, am following yours.

    Have a great day! Susie at Scraps of Life

  16. I think the harp is one of the most incredible instruments ever made. Do you know I just went over to my sister's house today and she gave me a concert on her harp! It was like being in heaven. Susan


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