Friday, December 10, 2010

Sad today.

     We have said good-bye to another friend today. Some of you may remember our Frisbee playing goat, Abbey. Abbey is living on a nearby farm that has many goats. I don't think she will  get to play Frisbee  there, but she will be very well cared for. We needed to place her somewhere since she was the great fence challenger. Also, she was the dominant goat and her sister, Mini, was not able  to eat enough with her around.
     For the last few months, Mini has been  a lone goat. She didn't seem to miss her sister at all and was thriving. She hadn't looked as good is quite a while. She was a buddy to one of my daughters, who gave her wonderful care. Sadly, this morning she died from eating a plant that she should not have had. For the last six years, she had never touched it and most of it had died back from the cold. There were only a few twigs left, but that must have been enough.
     Every morning she took a walk with my daughter. She would stay right with her like a puppy. At night, she would sleep in a shed with a chicken named, Princess. Princess preferred the goat to her chicken friends who would tease her for being a rather large hen, Mini didn't play Frisbee, but she loved to play "Hide and Goat Seek" with my kids. She will be missed!


  1. Patrice, I'm saddened to read of your loss. These sweet animals take such a hold on our hearts. Know she was well loved and cared for, and will not be forgotten.
    Sending hugs
    Rose H x

  2. So sorry you lost your little goat girl.

  3. :( This not a good start to the weekend. I'm sorry you have to go through this.

  4. It is sadder now that I have seen her picture. I love goats. Poor girl. Can you get some kids from your other goat? She looks like she was nice.
    I am so sorry,

  5. You've had a tough week or so with animals, haven't you?! Seems to go in spurts. I hope yours is done with for a while... :(

  6. Loved that sweet little thing, and now all I can wish for her is that she has sweet little goaty dreams.

    Lots of hugs,
    Horse crazy

  7. I am so sorry for your loss! It is difficult loosing a beloved pet!


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