Friday, December 31, 2010

A Resolution Revolution

A butterfly? What does  this have to do with a post about resolutions?

     Each year, after Christmas, there is a buzz about resolutions. This isn't a new phenomenon. I remember being a small child and hearing the adults talk about making a New Year's resolution. I watched curiously as a child, hoping to see what changes came about after the adults made their end of year promises. Do you know what I observed? Nothing. I never saw anything that amounted to a change in  habits, behavior, or anything.

     As a teen and a young adult, I tried making resolutions, mainly out of frustration with something in my life. My resolutions only served to make me more frustrated. I had put pressure on myself to make changes and they didn't happen. That often resulted in feeling worse  than I had before the resolution.

     I've heard folks talk about resolutions in the last few days and I have this comment for you. POPPY-COCK! I'm not sure what that means, but it just fits my frame of mind as I write this post. Please indulge me. I am now part of the non-resolution/revolution! I will not be making any promises to myself  that will result in failure.

     I'm not a fool who thinks one cannot or should not fail. I've actually become quite skilled at failing. At least when I expected to. When I keep a good attitude and don't set myself in a position of disappointment, I don't fail. Hmm? No. Hmm! 

     Why did I put a picture of a lovely white butterfly at the top of this post? I believe the butterfly represents change. As the pupa in a cocoon changes it turns into a butterfly. I've heard that the butterfly will not make it if  you try to remove it from the cocoon or help it out. It needs to struggle. As people, we need to struggle or work to grow. It's a wonderful thing that we have the ability to change, but those changes aren't always by our own doing. I believe that we are changed through our relationship with the Lord. We are made new, like the butterfly.

     While I will make no resolutions, I won't just sit by idly an expect things to happen. I was given the tools to go forward and  the confidence in Christ to succeed. I will make plans and small goals to be the best I can be.

     I wish each of my followers and readers a Healthy and Happy New Year. May God Bless you!


  1. I always am inspired by your thoughts, so that is why I don't tell anyone. Well, I will tell you one, I resolve on Jan 1st 2011 to clean out underneath my bathroom sink. I decided this year to make my resolutions tangible. I was going to put things each day on my list that I don't normally do, like clean out a drawer in the kitchen on Monday.
    All the others are secret. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful evening and a good start to your year and Are you feeling better?

  2. Happy tea drinking to you and yours! We're home tonight too!

  3. We are home tonight as well. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. No I don't have revolutions for this year, well I'am going work harder at my riding.

  5. looking forward to another year of your blogs

  6. Amen sister! Change is good...setting yourself up for failure is bad;) Here's to reaching any and every "change" you set for yourself in 2011. Happy New Year.


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