Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Surprises

     This week has had its share of surprises. When I went to our back porch/mud room/ laundry room I found water on the floor. Oops! One of the pipes froze and busted. I'm happy that we never disabled the laundry in our basement when we made a laundry room out back. Now I have to do stairs to do laundry, but it beats going to a laundry mat until the pipe is repaired. I may end up using that washer until next spring. Okay. This is totally boring stuff. Until I went downstairs.

     I carried a load of whites down the stairs, along with detergent. I was filling the washer when something flew by. Yikes! It was a bird. I have no idea how a bird got in our basement. They used to come down an old fireplace, but C.S. Farmer had that covered by our chimney sweep. Okay, a mystery. More interesting than the mystery was my hysteria. I'm terrified of flying birds. If you know some deep psychological meaning to this, keep in mind that I might be better off if I didn't know it.) I think birds are pretty. I love to watch them in trees and on feeders, but not zooming by my head as I'm stuffing dirty socks in the washer. I've never been afraid of hummingbirds. Sometime they're nearby in the garden. I love to watch them. No fear there. I also love when weather gets cooler and the Canada Geese fly over. No fear there. When the little birds fly by I freak. It has always been awkward when I visit a city. I will not walk through pigeons grouped together on the pavement. If I knew they'd stay there I'd be fine, but they might fly. Okay. We all have our fears. Yes. Mine is rather stupid. I used to lock up people with weapons and a little bird scares me. No one promised you rational behavior all of the time!

     I decided that my animal whisperer daughter D3 could help. C.S.Farmer said she could just open a basement window and let it out. He forgot to tell her that he'd caulked the easiest window closed, last winter. Oops! She had to remove a window frame and screen with frame. D3 loves tools and loves a challenge.
Tog faithfully watched as D3 worked on the window.
He loves birds and a challenge.

     Mr. Bird would not cooperate and the cat didn't make things any better. The bird refused to go out the window with the cat there. See, I said we all have our fears! An hour and a half into this, D3 comes up from the basement with the bird. She managed to trap him on an extra floor tile with a bowl from my pottery supplies on top.

     The bird flew to the ground a few feet from D3 and all the cats rushed to the scene. The bird was swooped up by D3 in no time. She took him to a nearby fig tree and place him in a makeshift nest. He stayed there for a while and then remembered what he had been doing before landing in the basement with a hysterical woman. Meanwhile, the cats got a second breakfast of cat food.
     Now I have no excuse for that pile of laundry in the basement!


  1. Too funny! Hurray for D3 saving the bird (twice!)

  2. You make me laugh, maybe your fear stems from being hit in the head by a bird flying by real fast, and it knocked you unconscious and you have no memory of said bird hitting you in the head, so now in your subconscious there is a fear of birds.
    Because I have lazy, welfare birds who live in my chicken coop and they try to hit me in the head everytime I go to take care of my chickens and I now have a fear of small birds who try to fly at my head.
    So sorry about your broken water pipe but so glad you have somewhere to still do laundry.
    Your girls are so cute.

    I just love that picture with the bowl on the bird.
    So glad you shared this, it makes my day. :)

  3. Oh man that's too funny! I tell ya what...I probably would have hid under my bed too! I don't really like any living creatures (other than my kids, of course).

  4. Maybe you're actually afraid of bats getting tangled in your hair, like in movies, so you've transferred that fear to all flying things?

    I used to have a bantam hen who thought it was her duty to fly up and land on my back or head when I was bent over, pouring feed into their hopper. She was kind of a pest that way, especially when she had recently stepped in manure. :-)

  5. I think Kessie has the right theory.

    The capture reminded me of my technique of catching a mouse in the middle of the night that the cat chased and chased but refused to finish off. Unfortunately the dog released it before I woke up the next morning.
    Mouse 1 Me 0


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