Friday, December 17, 2010

Letters -part 3

I narrowed the letters down to twelve. By this time, there were four hundred. Our mailman was not impressed! For me, it went from being interesting, to overwhelming, to humorous. There was no way I was going to write back  to all these people. I had answered a huge number of letter at first, now I had to give up. I was about ready to give birth to another child and I had important things to do. I waited patiently for both my child, and answers from the twelve letter I had chosen. They all answered. Over time they trickled down to six. I was thrilled to have six pen pals. Over the next year, that became three. I happily wrote to those three for about two years. One fizzled, and I continued to write to to the remaining two.

 It is now fifteen years later and I still write to those two women. They are precious friends who I have never met in person. We have been through births, deaths, happiness, sadness, seasons of farm wives and their farms. One of them no longer lives on a farm. One still does. I hope we will always write. I plan to.

The whole experience left me with the impression that there are many people who long for a simpler life. There is something basic and wholesome about farms. The agricultural way tugs at folks' insides. Most have visited a farm, whether it was grandma and grandpa's, or just a school field trip. Some are mesmerized by rolling pastures, horse grazing, or the hay bales that stand guard on the land.

Whether longings are based in the reality of the work involved or just nostalgia, they are very real. I spoke to a friend who is a Psychologist. She told me that the more our culture gets into technology, the more you will see people interested in the simple life. My mom always said that there's a big pendulum that swings with our culture. It goes from one extreme to the other, but there is a safe spot in the middle. My safe spot has cows and horses, and a man on a tractor that has my heart!

***I'm curious. Do you like stories that are in a series like this one? I would like to write more, if I know this is something you enjoy. Please let me know.


  1. Yes! You make them very interesting so I don't mind it if it is serialized! :)

  2. Well, I loved your stories and I came back everyday for another installment. I liked it lots because I love stories. I love reading about your experiences and what you learned from them.

  3. Oh I don't mind stories in parts, I always go back to see the rest, keep them hanging on there seats lol!!!
    I didn't think the mail man would be to happy :) put its nice getting mail.
    See Yea George xxx

  4. I like them; kind of hooks us in to see how it all ends!

    At our Indiana Farm Bureau State Convention we were told that 62 out of every 100 people have not been on a farm in 10 years or more! Those numbers are kind of hard for me to get my head around, but it also tells me we have to keep getting our story out to those who have forgotten how their food comes to them, and the HUGE effort it takes from farmers.

    Keep writing the great words!

  5. I love the story, thanks for sharing! :)
    And I kinda like the stories in parts.

  6. I love this story and looked forward to each one. I think it’s wonderful you still write to the two. I bet you all know each other very well after all these years.

  7. I liked the installments because I have limited time. I will read for a few minutes but often abandon a post that goes on too long (not necessarily yours), even if it is interesting because I don't have time to finish. I rarely get back to them unless they were really memorable like this series.

  8. Well, I know I'm a few years after the fact, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading your continuing saga about the letters :)


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