Thursday, December 16, 2010

Letters -Part 2

The first hundred and fifty letters were being answered as quickly as I could. Being a wife and mom had to come first, but I had an interesting project to keep up with.

It wasn't hard to decide who might possibly be a good pen pal. There were country women who lived lives similar to mine. They were kept as possibilities. There were really sweet women who I could see myself being friends with, even if their lives were slightly different. There were biker chicks, space aliens, and "how the heck did they see my ad" women who lived in remote areas without everyday conveniences. (By choice- you know, that back to nature movement from the 60's.) 

There were one or two letters that I was afraid to answer, yet afraid not to answer. These were truly troubled people. They wanted a connection to someone. Perhaps, to sanity. I'm not sure I qualify when too many things are going on around this house at the same time! I opted not to answer these for fear I would have them on my doorstep.

I remember reading one letter from a woman who said she lived in New York City. I don't think there are really farms there. She lived in an apartment, was single, and wrote of her weight gain and chain smoking. I wasn't sure how she could read my ad and even entertain the idea that she would fit my criteria for someone to correspond with. I somehow felt sorry for her. I could see that, like many of my letters, she was yearning for something more.

There was one letter that was proof of someone yearning for something more. There was a young woman from the South who wrote to me. I could almost hear a Southern accent while I read the letter. She was oblivious to any social graces of answering a letter and just "threw her cards on the table." She declared that she wanted to marry a farmer and she wanted me to help her find one. The letter was not brief. It was not that of someone with passing grades in English class. It was, shall we say, desperate and lonely. I felt bad for her and somehow ended up writing back to her. C.S.Farmer just shook his head and snickered that his once popular wife, who could no longer identify with her corporate friends, would write to this woman. I wrote back assuring her that I knew no single farmers, and I wished her luck on her quest to get married.

I made an honest attempt to answer more of the letters, as new ones piled up on the kitchen counter. A few days later one envelope caught my attention. It was another letter from the woman who wanted to marry a farmer. Uh, oh! Maybe I shouldn't have answered her! This letter once again pleaded with me to help her. She said that she had "babies inside her that were just dying to get out." Sounds scary! Poor babies! She was not pregnant, she was just dramatically trying to let me know how quickly her reproductive clock was ticking. She wanted a husband. She wanted a farmer. The U.S. census said that farmers were decreasing. Perhaps they heard about her and got a job in the city. I held in my hand, not only a letter, but a photo. C.S. Farmer shook his head, once again. I felt bad for this woman, but I didn't want this to continue. I could not help her find a farmer. I sent her picture back to her and encouraged her to not waste the picture on me. I suggested that she find a country singles group through some magazine. I never heard from her again. I could not help her. To this day, I wonder what happened.

Please come back tomorrow for Part 3!


  1. Matchmaking by Patrice! In blinky lights with neon hearts around them. :)

  2. Wow!! What can I say but I thought you were going to tell me she met your neighbor next door, and got married and now you are best friends.
    Now I wonder what happened to her too.
    My little brother did that once. It freaked out my parents so bad that I never had the nerve to ever try it.

    So I am waiting to here what happened in part 3

  3. I'm always hanging on a cliff after your stories! LOL Now I want to know about all the other letters and if you ever tried to write Ms Desperate again and who you ended up writing to and EVERYTHING! Can't wait for Part 3!

  4. Patrice, amazing story this is. I can just see you writing away for weeks and weeks trying to help these people and not break their hearts. PS--when you sent that picture back to me I moved on to a lonely hearts club :) LOL I’m joking.

  5. I love your photos and was recently given a blog award, which I'm passing on to you. The meme has you tell 7 things about yourself and pass the award on to three others (feel free to ignore those bits if you like).

    This was my way to share with you that I enjoy your blog.

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