Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letters- Part 1

I am a big fan of snail mail. I enjoy the speed and ease of e-mail, but you can't hold it in your hand and take in the handwriting that graces the pages. I know it seems old fashioned. I am. I think we could all use a bit of old fashioned in our lives. Just because ways are older, doesn't mean they aren't good. Letter writing is one of these things.

In a world where everyone is so hurried, it is a statement of caring to put a pen  to paper and share your thoughts. Fifteen years ago I put an ad in a magazine to have a pen pal. I was very specific that I wanted to correspond with another farm wife with kids. The mailman, who delivered envelopes faithfully at the time I wrote that, is probably still rocking in fetal position from what happened after the ad came out.

A few days after the ad for a pen pal  was visible, because the magazine had been delivered and sold in stores, letter started to trickle in. The first day I received about four or five letters. That made my day and I enjoyed reading them carefully in between toddler naps. The letter weren't all farm wives, but many were wannabes. I carefully composed answers to the letters. I tried to be kind and interesting, but was very clear that I wanted to write to farm wives. I tried very hard to make these women feel good for having written, even if they weren't what I had in mind for a pen pal. The next day, the seven letters delivered, seemed to be the same. My mother and Miss Manners would have been proud of how quick I was to write back. The rest of the letters over the next two weeks totaled one hundred and fifty. They weren't answered as quickly. In my attempts to be polite, I realized that I was being buried by letters. I found a few potential pen pals and made sure to answer them quickly.

Please return to find Part 2 of  this story. Thank you!


  1. That is amazing!! It just goes to show me that there was then as now people who want to get back to the dirt and farming. Think of it where did
    God start it all in a garden. It is who we were meant to be, when the world was perfect, God put Adam in the midst of the garden to tend and care for it. That is why our hearts long to return to that place. That is why the most complete place of all in my life is in the dirt. :)

  2. Somehow we need to find the time to do that which keeps us grounded and fulfilled. I have kept many letters over the years, and you have made me realize that I do not write them any more. Maybe it is worth the time to put down on paper what we feel and share those feelings with others!

  3. Had to laugh at the comment on your postman. You know that postal worker still remembers your address - etched into their mind forever! :)

  4. Wow,that is a lot of mail! I am ashamed to say I can't remember when last I wrote a letter! We are blessed to live in the country.

  5. That was amazing what you did. I have actually never mailed a handwritten letter before...partly due to my age. I will do it for the first time when Ryan goes on Deployment! :)

  6. I bet your mail man had a bad back!!! will come back for part two ;)
    See Yea George xxx

  7. Oh Patrice, what a neat story. I agree with you about letters and snail mail. It is a wonderful thing. I’ve even noticed I dont’ get as many Christmas cards now and more via e-mail. I understand the cost but it is so fun to get a card or letter with handwriting in the mail. Can’t wait for part 2.


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