Monday, December 13, 2010

CSN Review - The French Press

     I was so excited when CSN asked me to do another review for them. I chose to review a French Press coffee maker. My husband is coffee affectionado to the max! I refer to him in this blog as C.S. Farmer and I have told you  that the C.S. stands for Cute Stuff. I'm revising that for this post. C.S. stands for Coffee Saturated.

     Coffee Saturated Farmer and I are having some renovations done to out old farmhouse. I had an interesting day when the builder and  the electrician were both here. We got into a conversation about coffee and the builder knew about French Presses. I was rather surprised. I figured a guy in the building trade would have his coffee from the local market or even Starbucks. I was impressed. I have used French Press coffee makers in my employment, but not in my home. Maybe we need to hang around the builder. Later that morning, I stood near my daughter's harp and our piano, having a discussion on classical music with our electrician. I was impressed again. Please don't hear me say that people in building and electrical trades cannot surround themselves with such things, but my experience in the past has been with guys who were spitting Copenhagen chewing tobacco and cussing a blue stream!

     I received the Bodum Chambord French Coffee Press that I ordered in three days from the CSN store, This is not the first time that I got a package quickly without special shipping. Way to go CSN! It arrived in good condition. I decided that Coffee Saturated Farmer should have a cup of coffee from our new press first thing in the morning. I washed the press out and let it dry on towels for a few minutes while I double checked the directions. They said to use a coarse grind of coffee and we didn't have any on hand. We have the drip coffee maker grind here and I decided to try it. I found the press extremely easy to use. C.S.Farmer declared it was "one spectacular cup of coffee." I wasn't too surprised at that. My research before ordering told me that many folks found French Press coffee to be superior. Coffee Saturated agreed.

My Little Tutorial on French Press Coffee
The press:

After washing the press, I put a tea kettle on to almost boil. I measured the amount of coffee into the glass beaker of the press. Just before the water boils, pull the kettle off the heat and pour water in the press.

Gently stir the coffee grounds and water with something other than metal. I used the handle of a wooden spoon because it was early in the morning and I wasn't any more creative than that!

Then you pull the filter unit to the bottom of the plunging rod. You gently place the unit on the top of the glass beaker.

This is the coffee press when you first place the filter unit on it.

Then you slowly push the plunging rod down and photograph yourself in the coffee press while doing so!

Then you give your husband the best darned cup of coffee he has ever had. He said it was mellow and had no bitterness.

Note: I was not paid for this review or this lovely tutorial. I was given a gift code to purchase the press. The opinions here are my own. If you have read me any amount of time, you'll know that I have lots of opinions and I'm not shy about them. Had I not liked this product, I would have sent it back to the company and been outspoken about its flaws. No way! I like this and I'm quite happy to add it to the kitchen. C.S. Farmer thinks my reviewing may be pretty good after all!!


  1. I have a brand new coffee machine that is only used in the depth of winter. We only drink coffee in the morning and tea throughout the day! We also love Nescafe instant coffee and as a rule only use that in our house!

  2. I too am CS and that's not cute stuff. I drink coffee all day. I have no idea why I have never owned a French Press. I've thought about it but never have. I think this is the time. Thanks for the reminder.

    I can not even imagine drinking instant coffee, that would be like having instant mashed potatoes.

  3. Nice self portrait, Patrice, in the shiny top! :) Glad CS liked the new gadget!

    Beverly's comment cracked me up.

  4. I love my coffee. I've always wondered how to use a french press. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. I have thought about purchasing one of these many a time. Nice tutorial. I have heard they do make a great cup of coffee.

  6. Wonderful and great review, folks just have to follow your steps and they will have a great cuppa. I love COFFEE and TEA! I have had a French Press for many, many years, I also have an Italian drip coffee maker, 2 espresso machines.

    I sometimes when I want chocolate, just add a heaping spoonful in with the grounds, yummmmm.
    Enjoy the new coffee maker!

  7. Very nice tutorial. If I did not make so much coffee each day for this household of mine I might be tempted. That is all my sister uses. It looks like a yummy cup of coffee, and no, I did not paint my chickens. :) It is a idea though. On my snow men, I did look for curly wire to run down from the glasses too,

  8. Years ago we had a french press and I never used it... I guess it was easier to do it in a pot.

  9. Reflexions, do you just love um ;)
    Moms not much of a coffee drinker, she says it make her heart beat faster, funny that, I thought it would be me that did that, I must walk faster lol!!
    Now you and some of my other followers have said about hosting mini me (flat me) well you are the first to know, so please don't tell anyone, but after Christmas, Mini Me will be going on a world tour, if we can get his passport sorted in time!!! so watch this space :)
    See Yea George xxx

  10. I think pressed coffee has the best flavor! I've been using a french press for years.

    *the word verification is "hyper" -just too funny*


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