Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why don't you come to my place for Thanksgiving?

D2's apple pie.

     I love my sisters. I see one of them far more than the other. We have a relationship that could accurately be described as "buddies". Had we not been twelve years apart, we'd have been closer as children, but we were not children at the same time. Not at all. This sister lives just outside a nearby city. I see her weekly, if her schedule allows. In the past I have referred to my sisters in past posts as C1 and C2 (Child#1 and 2). I would be C3, but you know me as Patrice. Now that I have done that painfully genealogy, I can get on with the story.
     C2 has hosted our family Thanksgiving for the last five years. She has the room and enjoys it. The year before last she called and reminded me that she would like to have everyone come to her house for Thanksgiving. "Why don't you come to my place for Thanksgiving?" When I agreed, I asked if I could bring something. She replied that I could bring a the turkey since we were selling them at the time. I agreed and  added that I would bring a dessert as well .
     A few days later, in a conversation with her, I mentioned that I could bring rolls for my gluten intolerant family members. She thought that was a good idea. Gee, maybe you should bring some stuffing that is gluten free as well. I'm used to dealing with food allergies. It made sense to me.
     The week of Thanksgiving came and another conversation determined that I should bring some sweet potatoes for roasting, our favorite cranberry sauce and that organic butter that only my little family uses. "By the way, the family loves fresh mash potatoes. You do them. Don't you?" When I got off  the phone I told C.S. Farmer what I was contributing to the meal. His response was, "Why don't you just have your family come down to the farm for Thanksgiving?" I was bringing most of the meal. Why hadn't I thought of that? I phoned C2 and passed on C.S.Farmer's idea. Her response...
     "Oh,no. I wouldn't want you to go to all of that trouble." I laughed to myself as I thought of all of  the  things I had to cart to her house for the feast! With anyone else this might made me a bit crabby, but it's hard to get upset with the kindest, most generous, thoughtful, selfless person I know (and love). 

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  1. Enjoy your day with your family!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That sounds like what I'm doing this year, except to my brothers. I'm taking everything except the turkey, stuffing and a pie. We love them and they mean well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Sounds like what I am doing with my mom-in-law! lol Have a great holiday.

  4. Too funny! You'll need a vehicle all to yourself to cart over all that food!!! Good thing you love your sis!!! :)

  5. That is a very sweet story and I loved it and so glad you shared it. I wish you many, many blessings. I am so thankful God has brought you into my life. You are one of the many blessings I will be giving thanks for.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Too funny! I just bailed on the homemade rolls because I can't figure out at what point in the process it is best to transport them up to Mom's. Looks like it's the Pillsbury Dough Boy's turn to cook!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am going to wear my lovely amber earrings to the festivities! Thank you!

  7. Well, it looks like you are taking the whole meal.

    I am not cooking this year we are heading to my Mother in Laws for lunch and to my Daughters for supper.

    I bought the pies we are taking at one of the local restaurants.

  8. Thank you Patrice. I wish you a Very Happy Thanksgiving. Terry

  9. Phew! It's at times like this I'm glad I don't have sisters,lol.
    Hope you and your families have a great Thanksgiving :o)


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