Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Chicken Not So Little"

     I introduced you to D3's "Little Flock" in a post a while back. Since then, the flock has been joined by a broiler chicken that ended up with the name, Princess. Mind you, she's not little, feminine, or royal in any way. Over the weeks she outgrew her name even further. She went from being "Princess" (hear a normal vocal tone) to being "PRINCESS-Uh!" (Hear a very low voice and a primal sound at the end.) Princess has become huge. At night, when the little flock is put in their chicken house and the door is closed to protect them from predators, D3 has to place the large white bird on the perch since she cannot get up there by herself. D3 says she's quite heavy. I think she better lay low for the next few days. She's beginning to resemble a small turkey. Yikes! Did you say turkey? No way. I'm a white parakeet!

***My apology if you are unable  to view any of the images on this blog. I am experiencing a technical problem. I have contacted blogger and I hope the kind and brilliant people there can resolve it soon.


  1. I can see your photos. Yes, sorry, I did get the link, yeah, I don't know why November seems to have all of my stories in them. I have a letter in process for you, but the sitting up part keeps getting to me. I think I am on my way to bronchitis too. My daughter is really sick now.
    I love your hen she is beautiful. It isn't to often I am so sick I can't read, or sew. Just as long as I am well by next week, right?

  2. Patrice,
    You better introduce that young lady to a treadmill and some lo-calorie chicken feed ;-)

  3. Fatty Fatty 2 By 4; Can't fit through the Chicken Door! :)

  4. Too many chicken treats perhaps??

  5. Oh my, bless her may end up with a complex not being able to get up on her own. I hope she doesn't consider slim hen or Nutri-Chicken--I hear from my girls they don't taste a bit good. Big women are beautiful too :)

  6. I can see the, she IS big! I see an exercise program in her future--she can have mine! LOL

  7. Hi Patrice! I can see the pictures, too! Thank you for stopping by and following, I am also your follower..
    Stop by anytime!

  8. Hi Patrice, I can see one picture - but wow, she's one BIG bird!

  9. I can see your kitty photos, and what a lovely kitty she is.But none after that!!
    Nowt wrong with being a big bird, mom will tell you that lol!!, it does have its limitations, mom fines it hard getting on the bar stool lol!!! at least you can pick the hen up :)
    See Yea George xxx


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