Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why I Love Fall

I love fall!
My favorite season is here. The colors, the breezes, the shorter days, all get my attention. I'm a cool weather person. I am digging out boxes with sweaters, boots, and clogs. I'm a blue jean gal anyway. I love to get dressed up, but I live quite happily in my jeans. I just want to share a few reasons why fall is so special  to me.
The boys love the cooler weather. It's time to run and play.
Fall colors make me happy.
C.S.Farmer has a great looking "office." Pretty cool
little "sports car" too, eh?

There is something else I enjoy when it gets cooler.
Knitting! It's time to start making shawls, scarves, and hats.
"This is horse abuse! Would somebody please 
take the knitting needles away from this woman?"

"Oh, no! Did she say hats?" said Wendell, the horse.

Actually, D2, D4, and I are making a small batch of hats for an orphanage in Romania. It's being organized by a teen blogger my daughter met. They say it's very cold, so we are not just creating knitted ones, but I went out and got some polar fleece to sew a few. We will be finishing them this weekend since the deadline for mailing them is just around the corner.
Have an awesome weekend!
My readers are great and my followers make me smile :)


  1. Don't listen to your horse! I LOVE seeing the hats, scarves, etc., on the animals. Makes me laugh out loud! Hope you had a great weekend too.

  2. Fall is also my favorite season. I love sweaters and the cooler weather.

  3. The horse looks great;)
    I love fall too...especially the "office" part!
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Well, my goodness, thank you for leaving me a comment. I like that you named your mystery relative. I will think about naming these people on the computer. :) They did take amazing vacations too. I am supposed to be in the kitchen cooking birthday food for my crew, and I read your comment and came over here. I love that your Mother brought home goats, and I love your bottle caps, and I love that you knit.
    I will be back to take in more sights.
    I will not leave any grumpy notes.
    only nice ones. :)
    Thanks for visiting me.
    You made me laugh.

  5. Hi Patrice, I love fall too. The boys certainly look happy!
    As for knitting...I'll be making a post about that later in the month ;O)
    Best wishes
    Rose H


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