Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Strawberry Sweet Rolls aren't on my diet!

This morning, my sweet tooth woke up way before the rest of me. I went to the kitchen and started fixing C.S.Farmer's breakfast. Since I was up and cooking, I started a double batch of bread dough. Only one made it to the loaf pan. The other was rolled out on my kitchen counter and spread with home made low sugar strawberry jam before I knew what I was doing. I have been thinking of trying to take a little bit of weight off. This was not the way to start. I don't want to rely on saying, "There's always tomorrow." That can mean even more weight to work on. I need to take off fifteen pounds. It's a very doable amount, but one must get started. It's on my "to do" list. Back to the sweet rolls, they were easy and good.

Here is a link to the Peach Sweet Rolls that I posted previously. The only thing I did different this morning, was use strawberry jam instead of peach jam. The dough was with unbleached flour since I am out of whole grain flour. I will be going to the Amish equivalent of Whole Foods soon. I'll get my usual 50 pound bag of whole Spelt kernels to grind in my grain grinder. 

Last week I was asked to bring something to a morning baby shower. I made a batch of cinnamon filled sweet rolls with vanilla icing, and a batch of chocolate filled sweet rolls with milk chocolate icing. I had lots of people to help me eat them that morning. Perhaps I should invite those same thirty people to join me every time I bake something. I'd start to lose those 15 pounds then!


  1. Those look AMAZING! Yummo!!

    Thanks for always being so sweet to me....hahaha that sounded funny since we were just talking sweet rolls
    I am such a dork LOL


  2. Yum!!!! I love strawberry anything. Scrumpcious!

  3. I can just taste one now with a glass of cold milk - YUM!!

  4. OMG, my boys have a serious love affair with cinnamon rolls and I always enjoy trying variations. I'll have to give this a shot! :)


  5. I wish I was at that baby shower is all I can say.

  6. Oh my those look delicious!! I don't believe in dieting this time of year anyway - With 3 major holidays in 3 months what's the point - tee hee!

  7. Calories never count in the morning;)
    (These look amazing!)


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