Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not a Wordless Wednesday

     I enjoy some of the Wednesday posts that you can link up to and show photos. Words aren't usually required. My image loader isn't working today, so this Wednesday has to be words. Just words. They look rather lonely on the page. Even though I only have a little point and shoot camera, I'm forever fascinated with the beautiful colors and images. I hope everything is up and running soon!

     Happy Hump Day! No, not camels. No, not a bad dog near your leg. "Hump" refers to the middle of the week. Think of a  line that rises on Monday and rises even more on Tuesday. By Wednesday you're at the top. Thursday and Friday are the down side of the hump that smoothly sails into weekend.


  1. Sorry you're not able to load photos at the moment. Hope it gets resolved soon.

    I've used hump day to post a few pix of buffalo and brahmas. :)

  2. Well happy hump day to you too! I always love Wednesdays just because.
    I hope you have had a good week this week. My two youngest sons are down sick. I do hope it skips me. :) We are supposed to go to Magic Mountain next Friday for Home schooling day. My luck I will be sick but now way am I missing. I look forward to it all year. :)
    I like your words too.

  3. 3 HUGE cheers for Hump Day!


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