Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lovely Photo Wednesday

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

Morning Glory

When I first moved to the farm, my thoughts went to gardening. I had only done a bit of gardening as a child, and that was very little. I was at a local store when I saw a seed display. My eyes immediately went to the seed packet with a blue flower on it. I love t he color blue. I bought the seeds, finished my other shopping and went home. I proudly displayed my seeds for C.S.Farmer. He was not thrilled. City girl just couldn't understand why he wasn't happy with my lovely blue flowers. They were Morning Glories.

Many years later, I laugh at the thought of buying Morning Glories. The seed packet was never planted, yet there are small blue flowers all over the place. Their vines grow on anything they can grab a hold of. They choke tomato plants, other vegetables, and flowers. I know now why C.S.Farmer didn't encourage the planting of my little seed packet. As a city girl, I thought they were so pretty. As a farmer, I think they can be a nuisance. Truth be known, they are a pretty nuisance!


  1. I tool love morning glories! I know they can be a nuisance, but i love all the tones of blue from light to a deep rich blue/purple!

  2. I'd love to have some pesky morning glories growing here! We do get the wild ones (Texas bindweed) so I get to appreciate some of their annoyance! :)

  3. Hi Patrice,
    I often marvel at how flowers just "show up" all around my yard (morning glories included) in the most beautiful shapes, colors and heights. When I discover them I say "Thanks God!" because I feel like he left bouquet just for me.

    Have a great day :-)!!!

  4. Well, I did the same thing, I couldn't understand why the farmers just scoff. I planted them, yes I love them and marvel at them and yes, I do take lots of pictures of them, but I have them everywhere. They are prolific.

    I loved your comment,yes, my daughter and even my husband watch the movies over and over. He is always quoting to me Mr. Bennet lines.
    So I guess that makes me Mrs. Bennet. :) Though I have to say, my favorite movie that I could watch every day would be Bleak House. The book has become my favorite. I was having a bad day and my daughter so came up with Pride and Prejudice the book
    and said " This will make you feel better Mom."
    Yes, Elinor's must stick together.

  5. Such a beautiful flower! I love it. I guess you just have to plant it so that it's contained...??

    Thanks for sharing it,

  6. Haha....Sounds like my fascination with Flax.
    All the farmers (mine included) consider it nothing but a nuisance- comparable to a weed.)
    I think they just have to see the beauty in it.....even if it is a pretty nuisance:)
    Your morning glory is lovely!!

  7. Hi Patrice
    I LOVE morning glories! This is the first year for a long time that I didn't grow any - but I have seeds for next year :o)
    Thank you for your lovely comments - glad you like the cats..I do have more!
    Rose H

  8. Those are beautiful though. I'm not much of a farmer...although my mom had a massive garden growing up...and we were the slave labor. I think I've blocked out those memories.


  9. The sweet Morning Glory can do damage to vegetable plants?! Who would ever suspect this lovely sweet delicate flower could harm anything. You obviously learn a lot living on a farm. Thanks for sharing the knowledge....but I love them anyway. Smiles.


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