Friday, October 22, 2010

Giveaway 4 for my Barn Party

Just to catch you up on Giveaway 3. I said I would photograph the inside of the chicken box. Here you go:
A tiny little bushel of potatoes! I was planning on a basket of eggs, but my chicken left potatoes!
Yikes! It is still quite cute inside the box.
To remind you what the box looks like:

Giveaway 4:

Giveaway 4 is a tiny green floral heart shaped box with
the pair of red earrings inside.

Mandatory entry: Follow me. If you already follow me, great (BIG HUG!) All you have to do, either way is leave a friendly message.

Extra entries:

1. Vote for me on Picket Fence.(See the blue button near the top of my side bar. Click! That's all it takes.) Please leave a comment telling me you have done this. You can do this daily during my Barn  Party Week.  ***1 extra entry***

2. Follow the blog of my daughters, Gluten Go Bye Bye  and leave me a comment.  *** 2 extra entries***

***1 extra entry***

4. Tweet this giveaway on Twitter and provide me a link in comments. *** 1 extra entry***

I feel really bad, but I cannot ship outside of the Continental US. I am still working on the concept of teaching our chickens to be carrier pigeons, but they can only flap and "fly" about three feet on a good day!

Giveaway #5 is my favorite of all. I plan to post it this evening.


  1. Now you know I don't mind that your not shipping out, I'm just here for the fun, oh yes I have voted again roll on the party!!
    See Yea George xxx
    PS is that all that hen ever says "Not ture" I can see me giving him the run around!!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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