Friday, October 22, 2010

Final Giveaway for the Barn Party

I love this!
They say that it's a safe bet to buy a gift for someone that you really love. They don't know some of the folks I know. I actually think that they say this because it makes the act of giving pleasant for both if the gift is considered special. My 5th giveaway is actually one of my creations. See what you think.
This is a hand painted framed mirror. It is about 7"x7" and it's painted in cheery colors. I could not photograph it head-on because every time I did, there was a strange woman with a camera reflected
in the mirror! Hmm? I must clean that mirror before I ship this thing.

Close up of bottom left side.

Close up of bottom right side.

I've recently learned to appreciate small art. We all have tiny places in the house that could benefit from a dash of color. Smaller art is far more affordable and fun. Hubby says he thinks I could sell these. Any thoughts? Be honest. I have on my "big girl pants" and I can take it. I've always thought it would be fun to have a small Etsy business. Anyhoo- enter my giveaway!

Mandatory entry: Follow me, if you don't already. If you already follow me, I applaud you and think you're wonderful. Please just leave a comment and you're entered! An e-mail would make it easy to find you if you're new. You guys who are already blog buddies-I know where you are!

Extra entries:

1.If you do not already follow my daughter, the please follow her at Gluten Go Bye Bye. (2 entries)
2. Click on my side bar button to vote for me on Picket Fences. (1 entry)
3. Click on the side bar button on Gluten Go Bye Bye to vote for her on Picket Fences. (1 entry)

All giveaways will be drawn from my milk bucket in the beginning of next week. I hope you are all enjoying the Barn Party. I truly wish it was 3 dimensional and I was able to have a party with the wonderful people who have linked to my party. We could chase golfers/gophers with my friend George! My horses would love to watch all  the activities.

"I hope you aren't planning on playing Pin the Tail on the Horse. I'm 
rather attached to the one I have!" says Wendell. (a/k/a Wen or WinniePooh)


  1. I could totally see you selling hand-painted switch plates, frames, small framed prints, gift boxes. Lots of folks have chicken motifs in their homes. I don't, but I still appreciate a tiny splash of color in an unexpected place. And your chicken painting are precious. I think you should give it a shot!

  2. NO DOUBT you could sell this type of art! I, for one, LOVE IT beyond words! In fact, I see 4 of my chickens on that frame already. Have I won yet? ;-)

  3. Very nice and you could sell them I think, you draw really good chickens.
    I wish we could have a real party too, it would be fun to see the your side of the woods in the fall.

  4. Oh yes yes, you should sell them they are very good painted chickens.
    Chickens seem to be on the up these days, what I mean to say is I have seen alot of chicken items in the shops. I don't mean cooked ones!!mind you I do like a little cooked chicken!!
    See Yea George xxx


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