Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barn Party Updates

This is the week of my Barn Party. If you haven't been here before, here is the link. I have put three things up for giveaway. Two more will be added on Friday. I have visited all of the bloggers who linked up to the party and answered the questions. Here is a recap of the answers.

1. Who would you bring with you? (You don't have to use your real names if you wish.)
Several folks said "my whole family"
other answers: 
3 sisters
 Mom and Dad, & doggie friends
 Little sister and German Shepherd
  blogger friends
  mom, dog, cat, bunny
   best girlfriends
   my dog
Comment: We will have an interesting array of guests.

2. What will you wear to the party? (Remember, it's 60's in the daytime and 40's at night.)
long sleeve T-shirts
"a bandanny"
blanket to wrap up in
hats and scarves
best overalls
quilted flannel
jacket or vest
Many said "layers"
cowboy boots
Comment: Most of this is my favorite wardrobe.

3. What would you most like to see on my farm?
the food we grow
book shelves
Patrice's kitchen
animals and land
chickens, horses, pigs
people working
"see it all"
Patrice and family
horses who wear hats and scarves
Comment: There are both golfers and gopher in our area. My lovely friend, George, the lad thought they would be a bit of fun. (George is a Welsh Terrier- and a mighty handsome one at that!) It might be worth bringing a camera to watch me putting hats and scarves on the horses!

4. What dish would you bring since it's pot luck?
Apple Brown Betty
Crispy Fried Chicken with Rice and Bean Salad
dog food
liver pate
spicy white bean chicken chili
pasta salad
shepherd's pie
peach cobbler
Maryland crab soup
Comment: I'm hungry just reading these answers. I will have ice cream for those Brown Bettys and cobblers (who named it a brown betty anyway?).

5. What game or activity would you like to do during our get together?
give carrots to horses
find out about other guests
silly party games
chase a greased pig
chasing golfers/gophers
barn dancing
goat Frisbee
a harp concert
pulling weeds
bobbing for apples
making caramel apples
Comment: Cameras would be a good idea. Chasing greased pigs, golfers, and gophers is most intriguing. We could bob for caramel apples while others are pulling weeds. C.S.Farmer will be glad to have those weeds gone! I love the idea of a barn dance. That's something I always wanted to do.

Fun! I think everyone has such great ideas. This will be fun. I will post Thursday's giveaway tomorrow and Friday's in the evening. All giveaways will be open until Saturday at midnight, so if you have not seen them just look at my posts since Saturday the 16th. The drawings for all giveaways will be Monday. Please make sure I have an e-mail if you have entered. Thanks


  1. You are a very organized thinker. I like how you went through and got everyone's answers. I hope it has been fun for you this week. I hope that you felt well enough this week to get the things you wanted accomplished. Wow, it is hard to write in code. :)

    I sat and looked through your pictures you and your family are just beautiful and your horses are wonderful. I love your draft horses. Do they pull a wagon? Are they a matched pair?


  2. Oh dear. Oh my. Oh goodness. I'm too late.

    But that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Moma has been ... let's say ... preoccupied. And I'm dependent on her for helping me read stuff on the blogs.

    This is Fergi. I'm George's friend. And he mentioned the Barn Party and we JUST noticed it tonight. Sadly, I can tell the party has already started. But I'm a good sport. I'm gonna get Moma to put your link on our sidebar, and we'll be sure and come back and read all about what we've missed. In the meantime, we're running just as fast as as can to catch up. We've been behind for way way too long.

    Nice to meet'cha!
    Fergi (and jake, too!)

  3. Have fun at the Barn Party!

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

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  9. LOL!! Its great seeing all the peeps ideas and of couse mine!! this is such good fun.
    See Yea George xxx

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