Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barn Party Giveaway 2

Welcome to giveaway #2. If you aren't already part of the party, then all you have to do is click here.
If you missed giveaway #1 then you need to click here.

I am really enjoying my visits to your blogs. You have taken my 5 simple questions about your attendance at the party and made it really fun! All of the food sounds wonderful. Visit the different bloggers in the first link above and you can see some yummy recipes. The ideas for activities sound like fun. I'm not sure our pigs will like being greased, but maybe we can mousse them and give them a new "do"!
Mr.Pig says,"Besides, I think they'll figure our who you are. Party guests? Right!
You two look stupid. Can't I just eat the glasses?"

I got this pretty necklace at a craft table with this giveaway in mind.
I apologize for the picture quality-or lack of. I will shoot another photo of this and include it with tomorrow's
giveaway post. 
Necklace (not the vase)
The necklace is full of pale peach and pink colored pearls
In between each of the pearls is a large clear bead. They are all
put together with a really shimmery silver chain. There is a pretty
silver clasp in this photo on the upper right. I believe it is an 18"
necklace (it measured 32" unclasped and stretched out). This is a 
lovely piece of costume jewelry.

Mandatory Entry: Follow me and leave me a pleasant comment. (Still easy-peasy! Huh?)

For extra entries:

1. Vote for me on Picket Fence.(See the blue button near the top of my side bar. Click! That's
     all it takes.) Please leave a comment telling me you have done this. You can do this daily during my Barn 
     Party Week.  ***1 extra entry***

2. Follow the blog of my daughters, Gluten Go Bye Bye  and leave me a comment.  *** 2 extra entries***

3. Tweet this giveaway on Twitter and provide me a link in comments. *** 1 extra entry***

I feel really bad, but I cannot ship outside of the Continental US. I am still working on the concept of teaching our chickens to be carrier pigeons, but they can only flap and "fly" about three feet on a good day!
Hint: Giveaway 3 will not be jewelry!


  1. Love the swine-in-cognito fashions! :)

  2. Gosh I don't know where you get the energy. It all looks good and I love your pig picture.

  3. P.S. I was looking at all of your recipes, reason 160 why I like you, you cook!!! The White Lasagna looks like to die for and I am going to cook the Ratatouille.

  4. Haha- your poor chickens need some flight lessons!! I never thought mine could move far till I saw a hawk going after it- it was a WILD flying frenzy! (till I ran outside screaming even more wildy at the hawk to leave my poor chicken alone!) :) He's never come back since!

  5. follow your girls blog!
    survivingateacherssalary at gmail dot com

  6. follow your girl's blog entry 2
    survivingateacherssalary at gmail dot com

  7. I just voted again, don't worry about shipping out to me, I just like joining in.
    See Yea George xxx

  8. hello, im a new follower from the wed. blog hop, would love to have you follow me back!

  9. I'm following from Paisley Passions Wandering Wednesday Blog Hop :)


  10. Pretty! I would give this to my mom if I win.

  11. I'm your newest follower off of Wandering Wednesday and would love a follow back! Your blog is adorable! Nice job!

    Friendly hugs,
    Missy Schranz

  12. I just joined your daughter's blog, too. :0)
    Missy Schranz

  13. I just voted for you on Picket Fence. :0)


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