Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Your Underwear is Ringing

 My sister's call me periodically. I love their calls. I'm very close to both of them. The other day, my in-state sister called, but I had things to do and told her I'd call her back. I had the best of intentions, but time slips away. I'm usually able to get back to my sisters later the same day. Not this time. It took two days. It can be as long as a week if I'm busy.

Several months ago, I couldn't reach my sister. I eventually caught up with her in a nearby city. When I told her I had been trying to reach her she just laughed and said, "Oh, sometimes I can't find my cellphone." We went shopping that day. As we were looking through clothes I heard the distinctive ring of a cell phone. There was nobody near us and I knew that wasn't the way my cellphone rang. "Hey, I think your cell phone's ringing," I said. She opened her purse and began to rummage around. It kept ringing. Before long the sound stopped.

"Are you sure that wasn't your phone," I inquired. "Well, it sounded like it, " she answered. With that she pulls out the top of her blouse and peers inside. Everything was still quite descent, no matter how strange it may have looked. "Oh, there it is," she says, as she retrieved it. "You know, sometimes I lose it for the whole day. Since we're here at the store, maybe I need to get a new bra."

I just stood there rather surprised at her chosen cell phone holder.


  1. Oh my - wouldn't that be uncomfortable? Don't think I could fit a phone in my bra LOL

  2. I must admit, I have done that before. Only for a split second though...not the whole day! ;) Thanks for the laugh.


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