Sunday, September 5, 2010

Only on a Farm -part 2

I just told you, last night, about the family game of Frisbee. It was a memorable game when the goat joined in. It's a quite afternoon and I'm sitting at the dining room table writing on my laptop. I keep hearing "Maaaa. Maaaa!" When I look out the window, what do I see?
Abbey, the goat, was standing just in front of our porch screaming.
"Maaa. Maaa!"
Even more of the noise. "Maaa. Maaa!"
What's with the goat?
Yes, you, goat! What's going on?
D3 went to check on Abbey.
Abbey, apparently, had her Sunday activity planned.
She really must have enjoyed the family game last
Oh, great! The Frisbee must have been left outside. Good thing that the girls put their bikes away. I could just picture Abbey riding down the driveway. Never give a goat toys!


  1. This is SO cute. Thanks for sharing . . . and for visiting my blog!

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. I love your goat story. I just got 2 does this past March and I love having them run around in the yard. They are so curious and cute.


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