Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lovely Photo Wednesday

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

I was able to attend the farmers' market that we do over the last two weeks. The flowers were beautiful and I realize that the time for them is coming to an end. I know that you can walk into many stores and find flowers, but I like ones that don't have to earn frequent flyer miles!

These flowers are lovely, but I'm excited about the changing colors that the trees are going to display soon.
I'm happy that fall is here!


  1. They are pretty flowers, the leaves have started falling over here, I try and catch them before they reach the ground, have to say I'm not very good at it!! mom says she will give that White Lasagna ago, its got my taste buds going, hope I get to taste it to!
    See Yea George xxx

  2. I agree! I love the leaves when they change to red!

  3. Beautiful flower pics - I love the detail on those dahlias :)

  4. Those are beautiful flowers!! :)

  5. What beautiful pictures!

  6. I love your blog and have given you The Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit my site to receive your award. Thank you for a having such an uplifting blog.


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