Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Uncommon Hobby

One of my daughters (D2), has a very unusual hobby. It's called bobbin lace making. She learned it over three years ago from my employer. My first day at my current employer's, I noticed that she was sitting in her study with some type of board covered with cloth. It had pins, a pattern, and many wood bobbins with thread. I mentioned that one of my girls was into needlecrafts. She assured me that a child could not do this. I asked if I could bring her to work one day and my employer agreed. I did just that. It was amazing how quickly D2 picked up on this lovely art form. My employer was amazed and pleased. They've had many sessions together and her lace making skills improve each time. The laces she makes are so beautiful and very delicate. Here is what bobbin lace making looks like.

I'm glad my daughter has learned this lovely craft. I had seen people making lace in Belgium and I thought it was fascinating, as well as beautiful. It's a good thing D2 does this. If I did it, I would be just like a cat all wrapped up in a ball of yarn! Maybe that's not yarn, but a cocoon! Ah, a butterfly!!! Time to load the dishwasher, butterfly!


  1. This is so cool. It looks like a lot of work but it's beautiful! I will have to go and look it up. It's that first time I have ever heard of this.

    Thanks for sharing and giving me something new to learn about. Maybe I can do this with the kids for school. Ahh! The possibilities.


  2. Same for me, first time I have ever heard about this. Looks very interesting. What type of yarn is being used?

  3. Victoria,the lace is made out of a cotton thread. It's slightly heavier than regular sewing thread, but not as heavy as buttonhole twist. I'm looking at a long spool of it right now and it has such a pretty sheen to it!

  4. What a talented girl ... very impressive!


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