Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Pony's Identity Crisis

You've heard of our pony, Cocoa, before. You get to hear about him again. This morning D3 went out to take care of the horses. She decided to pick Cocoa's hooves. She has been making an intentional effort to handle Cocoa more so he will remember his manners. C,S.Farmer would say "What manners?"
He seems to like the attention and has been nicer to be around.

This morning , D3 was  holding his leg and using a pick to get all of the yuk out of his hoof. Cocoa began to pull his hoof away from her. In her best, commanding voice, D3 said, "Hey Pokey, cut it out!" If you call a horse by another name it will confuse him and stop the bad behavior(at least temporarily). The small horse immediately stopped acting naughty and was a little prince for his groomer. He liked the new name. She later called him George and he liked that, too. Maybe I should loan her the baby name book that I used to drive C.S Farmer half crazy with. Honey, don't you like the name Emma? I think it's pretty. How about Katherine? Victoria? Rose?(Etc.etc.etc.) He just went on farming...

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  1. I just love the thought that you can confuse a horse at all!
    Thank you for leaving such sweet comments and becoming a 'follower'.
    I've just made a visit here and I like what I see I've returned the compliment.
    Rose H


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