Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Any Ideas?

I'm so curious to see if anyone can guess what this object is. I would love to tell you that there is a cruise or BMW for the winner, but I'm a little blogger fish in a big pond. Sorry, no prize today. I am working on a fun fall giveaway, so come back and check it out.(Not posted yet.) Back to the original topic.


I will have the answer here on Thursday the 19th.
Please take a guess and comment to let me know.


  1. Ok I'll have a guess, now on first looking at this you did have me worried, because it looks like a Welsh Terrier Tail!! and what size is it!! well my guess is it a hair knot from one of you horses?
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Looks like horse hair to me!!!!!!!!!

    Giving GOD the Gory!


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